had inadvertently looked down, after all, they are the most important segment of people shooting comes to an end.

  Pei Yuanbo into the house, began to inquire about the duality: “dual Dad do smart bracelet is doing what it?”In the news, put a little conceptualized leadership, he did not get to know of his father’s inventions, always feel very curious.
  Two yuan in Peiyuan Bo around for a long time, has not stopped learning, in other infections, more humane again, this time to answer quite proud tone: “It is our brother, ternary.”
  ”what?”This is more confused.How Yuan Yuan also with a series of.
  ”Mr. Pei are produced, Yuan series, you’re Yuan Yuan, I was binary, 北京夜生活ternary it, but it is stupid to stay in the lab, I’m smarter, just to accompany you on your side.”Dual full of energy,” its function can not compare me.”
  It illustrates it: “It’s the function I have, I will not do it.”Artificial intelligence community also has contempt chain, it will think this is the only study looked down, there is no emotional evolution of the ability of small retarded.
  After “In simple terms, it is actually bundled with personal information, real-time monitoring of daily personal physical condition – including blood pressure, pulse, etc., can be checked in time physiological conditions, once the situation a serious problem, it will locate, call emergency telephone and automatic call for help to the surrounding.Lock also comes with the surrounding environment, beyond the usual activities once the environment surrounding and no guardian is present, will automatically alarm, but also take the initiative to the police, call for help function.All in all, is a health monitoring, to prevent the child wandered off, encountered bad guys bracelet.”
  ”But the adult version and a minor version different, I heard Mr. Pei said that on苏州夜网ce the adult version will no guardian positioning of – unless the initiative is open to friends and family rights.”
  Two yuan dark rubbing discredit ternary one, in s