, “Do not howl, people have been taken away!”Then he went to the rain in front of Nguyen, a look of Yin Zhi,” is not that good earlier, we do two written off?”

  ”I milk previously agreed to break off an engagement, why should you be humiliated Lin Ruan?”Amid Nguyen asked, she 北京夜网sneered,” to blame, blame your old lady and son to do things absolutely some of Intuit!”Granny Lin over the previous child how humiliated her, humiliated old Ruan, and Lin Kuang-hua of connivance, she is credited in the eyes, her little man in mind, but also hold a grudge, so do not offend her!
  ”What’s more, a huma苏州夜网n life, wanted to write off, Lin captain too naive, right!”
  Lin Kuang-hua was livid, “you.You do not never die?”
  ”If I die, my family more uncomfortable ah!Lin captain assured, like forests home this wicked did not die, I’m willing to die and how it!”Ruan rain smile on his face, whispered.
  Lin Kuang-hua took a deep breath, he was afraid he does not inhale, the next second must be mad.
  Zhou Xiuying three-step rushed over to push a staggering Lin Kuang-hua, Nguyen rain will quickly pulled behind the patrol, then shouted, “Lin Kuang-hua, you little Chilao, if rain dare to bully my house, I’ll get you!”The crowd was all gone, the old lady in command of Ruan Zhiwen to the ground inside the tools back, how blink of an eye, their own good granddaughter disappeared.
  Lin Kuang-hua see a good granddaughter and two stood one, gave her so深圳桑拿ul scare off.
  Nguyen rain look cute smile, “milk!Guanghua Uncle and I apologize for it!You do not worry!”
  Lin Kuang-hua hold breath in my throat mouth, how he did not find before, this little girl is old Ruan pervert it!
  The second is still a threat to life and death take him, and the next second look as well-behaved with little rabbit.
  His throat from the inside to pull out a few words, “to.”
  ”I did not bullied?”Zhou Xiuying look of suspicion.
  Amid the white Sang Sang Nguyen raised arm, crisp Health said: “Not yet!”
  Zhou Xiuying be assured gone, Lin