to give him extra interesting science stories of many scientists.

  In school, as long as there is doubt, dibasic in all likelihood be able to give the answer – of course, it is inevitable that some of these answers stiff binary do not understand the corner thinking, strict compliance with the standard answer of argument, if Peiyuan Bo class not serious, alone binary, or difficult to progress.
  Pei Yang Qiuping grandmother and watched his son several times to ask two yuan title – they did not think, just thought it was the total playing ads on TV what XX high point of time machine, where there is not the point, say the people on the television, textbook无锡夜网s the problems can be answered, it is not and binary functions much the same as it?Naturally no suspicious.
  When there is any character other than family members appear Pei binary will stand alert to pretend like he was just an ordinary color small watch has been no out of the problem.
  Of course, in many cases, lik杭州桑拿洗浴e this, like binary mastermind, it will be Peiyuan Bo “vexatious” problem difficult to live.
  For example like this –
  ”Binary, I want to ask you a question.”Hardships, food to eat to escape from the abyss grandmother, eat belly round and support the Peiyuan Bo leaning back, he went into the house.
  ”Yuan Yuan, do you have any questions?”Binary clever quick to wake up from sleep.
  ”I recently fat, why in the eyes of my grandmother’s, I thin it poor?”He pinch pinch his cheek meat,” And how Grandma always feel I can breath and eat a big bowl of rice, a big bowl of soup, accompanied by a bunch of vegetables, but also eat two apples a meal of it?”
  Two yuan into the crash state, which does not understand its scope: “Are thinking in.I think there must be a matter of aesthetics.”It’s connected to the network, to find a lot of relevan上海419论坛t material evidence,” the skinny on online dispute has been a lot of sensuality, your grandmother must be sent sensuality!”
  Is that so?Peiyuan Bo deep in thought, he did not want to