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  ”I hope that our family can be so happy, happy go.”
  Ah, our family, he clearly knows that his home should be where.
  Opened his eyes, he was in the exp都市体验网ectations of their parents, drum gas, blew and blew one, count them out all the candles extinguished early waited at the switch Pei Naochun very timely, quickly turned on the light, the promise is not just Note that this find, the upper half of a table next to the yarn made via the food cover, vague can see inside rich dish.
  ”Next, we would like to invite the public to points of birthday cake.”Pei Naochun the bakery distribution of plastic knife upon their son.
  Pei Yuanbo help immediately set their sights on a camel father: “Dad, you help me good, I will not be cut.”
  I heard his words, Pei Naochun subconsciously surprised a moment, he smiled and walked behind his son, half clutch his, clasped his hands and began to help split cake.
  ”This small, to eat grandmother, Grandma can not eat so much cream.”He has a kind of mol杭州夜网论坛d in command of my father,” Mom and Dad eat much, or I can not eat.Then the rest, I will try to eat.”He gave his point sly expression, children of this age, favorite cake.
  ”Well, you gave.”Yang Qiuping replied with a smile, she quietly and Pei grandmother of the eye – the other day, unless cajole, Peiyuan Bo will not express my opinion, are their own observations, sometimes, what do let him embarrassed, he would quietly persevere.
  ”My late gift to give you, your mother and your grandmother prepared a gift, you want to give them out.”
  Pei grandmother heard this, pulled out from behind a gift, she did not get what the packaging: “This is my grandmother gave you satisfied shoes and sweaters, and finally change over a few months will be able to use the.”She also secretly stuffed the sweater had a one thousand red envelopes, was found Pei Naochun, promptly gave her.
  Pei Yuanbo immediately picked out a spot to try to see her grandmother –
  He almost did not suffocate, although sweater is