t to the supermarket, nothing buy, come out empty-handed, went to the roadside stalls there, watching me for a long time, and finally bought ten dollars is not suitable for mothers bracelet-style bar, more like do not want to go home so early as.

  Wait until the end of this long journey, the time has come to evening, outside the sky had begun to turn black, the sun has fallen.
  Just left the elevator, Yang Qiuping to suddenly squat shoelaces, she stretched out her hand and handed the keys to his son: “Yuan Yuan, you first open the door, my mother tie a shoelace.”
  Peiyuan Bo did not say anything, just quietly went to the door, insert the key to open the door, and sure enough, today’s mom is so strange, the door would not you take off your shoes?Why now tie their shoes?Turn a door handle a pressure, he opened the南宁桑拿 door, the house is a stretch – more strange, grandmother today do not do at home?Grandma do not go out at night basic.
  He could hear footsteps behind him, my mother, my mother pushed him into the house, this time Peiyuan Bo has found a reasonable explanation, chances are it is a power outage?He forgot they were just sitting in the elevator up, of course, into the house, I heard my mother’s voice close behind, then, is the trio –
  ”Happy Birthday.”It should be everyone singing, he looked around blankly, I saw there was a little in front of the fire, holding the cake is the father, it was a car-shaped cake, I do not know how to do it, on top of the point would be able to ninety candles, he did not know the number, and his father’s side of the grandmother, she took her glasses, leaning on a cane, is awkward patting his hand grasping a cane, singing.
  Pei Grandma estimated that very few singing, a little out of tune, and my father is in the air is quite full, living singing military songs surging sense of the atmosphere, the mother’s voice behind him, full of tenderness.
  It turned out that today is his birthday it?
  In the village of 杭州夜网论坛Tai Pei Yuanbo forest, th