Bo nodded his head, he obediently eat oranges look, like the Yang Qiuping also comes with a heart as soft filter.

  After his son back, long live the family seem to have been frozen, thawed moment, like overnight, returned seven years ago, though, it also requires a bit of effort, think of this, Yang Qiuping not help苏州夜网 but sigh, not that bad son or family do not work hard, but not together long-term coexistence, there is always not on time.
  For example, his son spent too long in the South, but also master the local dialect, and sometimes a hurry, did not pay attention to speaking, Jiliguala, the family no one can understand; how much the two tastes are also some differences, such as brackish, families eat dishes, this is a process of mutual accommodation.
  But everything will be OK.
  Yang Qiuping quietly watching everything in sight, Pei Yuanbo pad on the table a piece of paper, like a little squirrel as seriously gnawing orange, plate-inch head grow out some, has some hair on top of soft, living room that, Pei grandmother positive wore glasses, beside a basket of clothes and wool, located in the middle of the living room goes, Yuan Yuan was born sho苏州夜网rtly after the family photo shoot, has also been replaced, replaced now, is the last week, a special trip to the museum camera shot, shot, four people face wearing that same smile, the body also tightly nestled together, leaving no gaps.
  This is her guardian would give anything to be home, she also fir杭州夜网mly believe that everything will be on track.
  B University City, every summer vacation, the college is like a semi-slumber, like, the past is always crowded trail, library filled with students, more than half empty at this time also, the Pei Naochun laboratory, is anchored in the name of computer Science, placed inside a lot of equipment, except for himself, it was only with the students to go.
  ”Pei, we have to start yet?”Xiao Wu passed the exam, enrolled graduate students, instructors precisely Pei Naochun before scho