Dad, good night.Peiyuan Bo whispered in my heart, suddenly laughed, and this indeed care, to satisfy his heart – he admitted that he was a little lack of love, it has been a long time, so do not get too specific to him alone, wholeheartedly love the.

  It is this time, the door opened again, Pei Yuanbo again skillfully repeat this set of processes, it is probably all children born self-taught skills, he was a little nervous – I just thought of things, do I accidentally the sound?
  Yang Qiuping came softly touched the temperatures son’s face, realized that a bit cold, the air-conditioned Internet tune twice, heart cursed Pei Naochun, come in, do not know 上海夜网the tune air conditioning, and then did not endure live, face down and kissed Peiyuan Bo: “baby, good night.”When they also come as carefully and go out the door.
  Mom, you good night.Until now, Pei Yuanbo heart, is still moving, he began to feel sleepy, he stumbled to close their eyes, they heard the faint sound of a stick in the ground collision – although try to drive down, but his keen hearing, hear about, Sure enough, his door opened again, even sleepy, his subconscious, or conditioned reflex done the right thing.
  Pei Pei Yuanbo grandmother stay in the side, full of texture, but not too rough hands, rubbed gently touched the child’s face, neck, and considerate to raise the temperature a bit – the elderly heat, she some feel that this temperature is cold, she did not say anything, just quietly walk out.Good sun, good night’s rest.苏州夜网
  Grandma, good night.Pei Yuanbo finally ended the day trip, he closed his eyes and fell into dreamland.
  At midnight he woke up, opened his eyes, he looked around for a week, the sky is still dark outside the window, he has sweaty, and he sat up, walked to the table, air conditioning remote control is fluo北京体验网rescent, he clearly see top temperature of –30 °, this “warm” love, suddenly I asked him to bear, had to wake up.
  He reluctantly transferred back to 27 °, will lie heavily on the b