Heat Big Three 72 min ho to take three consecutive pedestrian Zaibai 1-3 straits

  Ticker May 27, home to the Miami Heat beat the Pacers 102-90, to obtain match point with a total score of 3-1。
  Heat lead the audience。 LeBron – James scored 32 points, 10 rebounds and five assists, and Chris Bosh – 25 points and six rebounds, Dwyane – Wade 15 points。
  Pacers in dire straits, Paul – George scored 23 points and seven rebounds, David – West 20 points and 12 rebounds, George – Hill 15 points off the bench Luis – Luis Scola 12 points。
  Heat take the initiative in this series, but James did not think they show full strength, "We have not played the best game," he said, "may also be teammates this feeling。 We have not played the highest level, the better the game is yet to come。 "A is on – Ray Allen broke out in the fourth quarter, hit four three-pointers, the Heat defeated the opponent in one fell swoop。 Bosh today is an opening on the hot feel hot, Heat head start。
Indeed, as James said, they have a lot of places that can be tapped。
  Game played less than two minutes, Bosh three units into three, including two three-pointers。
As he pulled up outside, Hibbert had to come out with the defense, the Pacers basket emptiness, James has since been twice breakthrough succeeded, the Heat to 12-4 start。
After Bosh missed two free throws, but the hot shooting touch, hit a jumper Fourth。 Heat once double-digit advantage, leading 27-19 after the first section。 [] [] Bosh in the second quarter continued good feeling。 Shortly after the start of this section, in 1 minutes 22 seconds he hit three consecutive shots, including a dunk and a three-pointers, in this section there are 7 minutes 35 seconds, Bosh had 17 points for Houston, the Heat to leading 36-29。 After more than half of this section, Bosh was first shot, James began to strengthen attack on the basket。 When also this second section, with a fine cast James scored 3 points, one with 5 points, leading Heat to 49-39。 George hit the third, the Pacers scored five points in the first half to 44-49 behind。
  James began the third quarter with a record third, then another dunk, the Heat scored seven points to regain a double-digit advantage。 After this section, played five minutes, the Pacers only once in warfare score, this troubled。 The gap between the two sides once reached 19 points, when there are seconds in this section, two in Cole made two free throws, leading the Heat to 78-59。
West layup twice thereafter, the first three quarters to 64-80 behind Walker。   The gap between the two sides soon reached 20 points or more。
The fourth quarter and 7 minutes and 41 seconds, Haslem layup, the Heat scored 5 points, 23 points to lead 94-71。 Heat a big lead some relaxation, also failed to hit the basket shots, while the Pacers be easy to attack the basket, shot after a wave of 13-1, only to fall behind 84-95 in the game there are 4 minutes 27 seconds。   Heat again put to James and Chris Bosh et al.。 In 6 minutes, they failed to score in warfare, when the game 1 minute 22 seconds, James was driving layup, even with a fine cast scored 3 points, the Heat to 102-90 double-digit advantage。
Walker has since been shot, had to give up。   。