t play with, “Grandma, you remember it right?”

  ”.I remember.”Grandma Pei Leng Leng answer.
  A few days ago, Pei Naochun have found a player hotel, the broadcast of the year kept the home video to him, Pei Yuanbo camera to see inside yourself silly to roll on the ground, like a baby with her grandmother to help launch the car appearance.
  ”I think of it, the grandmother.”Unfortunately, many of the fragments, he did not remember, except that that car, as well as her grandmother’s hand, she was smiling, shouting Yuan Yuan’s voice, exceptionally clear, he was a bit shy as a child shouting at the television to go to school lines “.Whirlwind assau深圳桑拿网lt!”
  Pei grandmother took it, somewhat awkwardly holding her car – she did a lot of this operation, and bent down a little harder on the floor, a couple of dawdling, two small yellow car, quicklyIt accumulates horsepower, smooth forward stroke out until the end of the living room – I do not know why, at this moment, everyone’s eyes,南宁夜网 while the red.
  Like the sound of persistent cry for a long time and finally got a response.
  - Yuan Yuan, where have you been Yeah?
  - I am back.
  The only gap was finally make up, this broken home, again became round.
  Night, B city’s night sky, the stars do not always, the window only dark blue night falls, the lights in the room had closed out his hand, still vaguely see shapes.
  Peiyuan Bo lying in bed, can smell the clean scent of soap on the quilt – tonight, my grandmother and my father has been cut meal, yes, that really cut, grandmother sent crutches to play a father, because my father did not say in advance, Grandma’s quilt could not bring him out to dry in the sun, although each period of time will wash my grandmother, but she did not always feel the sun is a big problem.
  Tonight, the family, eat the fi南宁桑拿rst meal, reunion dinner in the true sense, and my father early in advance to say hello to his tastes in the past two days on the way home, also observed a lot, and my grandmother, her