Infant spirit, the infant spirit is born soon died, and his parents did not do salvation, are supposed to be the soul of the helpless, we can not be reborn, dying earthly life.This flexibility in the world one day will have endless grievances hatred, an excuse to find his biological parents or live in the world of blood brothers, entangled everything, to thereby achieve his revenge.But this situation will result in the consequences of his never able to bounce back, however, he did not know what this world is to take the luck, actually be able to shun births.”

Wu Tao said, to see her in perfect order, not by clinging to his brother, remembered his father before he went to Wu’s Revenge, will almost kill him, not help the hearts of surprised, facing Ann eagerly asked Wei Zhen “what he does now?”

Wei Zhen security reasons faint Lift your eyes, “That’s what I said you do not let his hands.He died of past life stuck on, and finally the birth of the world, but also lived only a few months, he was tortured to death made Lucky kid, he should have a big chance in this life, but was also to Wu and his son this and other appearance, so Wu and his son who will not only carry a causal hand kill loved ones karmic debt, as well as the opportunity of breaking people.Heaven reincarnation, your brother this life lost, and so after his reincarnation, heaven will give him to the East