”Big man, somebody help me now the.”Chen pointed Chakun diving:” As long as he quit, there is no danger I do not need you to help me.”
  From beginning to end owl did not go Chakun one, he felt Chakun not to be believed: “Put a drug addict as a brother, I should say that you really do not know enough sense of justice, or should we say your brain problems.”
  Chakun does not like the owl, then, but he had to admit though rough, but the remarks from the owl was standing angle of Chen Chen diving diving consideration.
  In this perspective to analyze, from the owl is diving as a friend of Chen.
  So Chakun and not because he hated words away from the owl.
  He looks like a ghost on this, people have no confidence in the original is a very normal thing for him.
  ”The question in my mind that you will not bother labor.”Chen diving chuckled:” But it’s something I have to thank you, both of us have to thank you.”
  Chen Xiao from a diving so polite, but not used to think.
  ”Without you, we do not recognize each other.”Chen Xiao from diving patted on the shoulder:” This favors Chen I remember diving in my heart, I assure you, I owe you a favor investment in this life is definitely the most value.”
  ”forget it.”From the owl large waved his hand:” I’m not preoccupied with.”
  ”But I ‘care’