Student parents to marry a foreigner collapse users: filial further away it anyway

Sparked heated debate on the network, "I have to give more consideration for my child," April 21 electric Recently, one entitled "The parents sell the house daughter to send her daughter to marry a foreigner studying the collapse of parents" and "Oh, this is not me the most troublesome thing it。
"When you see this news, Rebecca wry smile a sigh, she and the students have the same trouble: parents refused to come to the United States。
Rebecca has two lovely daughters of her mother, her husband is a Chinese working in the United States, the two have been separated for the past two to five years。
This year Rebecca decided to bring their children to settle in the United States, so the family reunion。
Rebecca and family in Miami, she finally chose to the United States for children。
Rebecca central enterprises working in Beijing for Tulibeika had a good treatment, domestic work stable and comfortable life, but her husband in the United States also has a certain basis, for their families, it seems that only one party compromise。 Rebbeca have to worry about, leaving China's working life to the United States, future development at risk。 But the most difficult is to let her parents' attitude。
Rebecca's parents and they do not want to come to America, with the news of the reasons parents are worried about the same: on the one hand I feel life habits are hard to adapt, on the other hand fear of the future can not enjoy health insurance。
They even refused to come to the United States experience。
Rebecca understand their parents' concerns, after a difficult trade-offs, Rebecca admits that she still have more consideration for the children, "There is no co-existence of the program, I can only continue to work hard to convince parents。
"Behind her choice, in fact, with deep frustration。
"Parents will respect my choice" is Illinois at Urbana-Champaign traffic engineering doctoral student Li claimed to be a "fat house", although in the eyes of friends, he clearly is a school bully, but Mike felt he could enjoy in the United States "Flying self ", do a lot of things you like。 Mike in contact with the United States shooting, he felt that if in the future choose to stay, the parents will respect his choice。 Most parents courtesy of Mike concerns are similar, Mike's mother will not feel that they can not adapt to English in the United States, the best he will be able to return home, relatives can together。 Li will have two years to graduate, the future has not yet formed plans, his professional ranking in the nation's first university, completely worry not find a job after graduation in the United States, thus returning to America or, in fact, it all depends on him personal choice。
But considering the income levels and living environment, Mike felt the future might choose to stay in the United States。 For mother's worries, Mike do not think much of a problem, he was confident his son will respect the choice of parents, and parents have also been to the United States to visit him several times。
If you choose to stay in the United States in the future, Li said he would buy a house will take over their parents, to help them adapt to life in America。
"In the US they too can filial piety ah。 "Mike did not think it would be a problem。 Editor: Fan Fei, Lu Po。