With out, “our program has been a real emphasis on the provisions of part, but not the provisions of the plot, everything depends on the spot to play.”

  For the first time to participate in the variety show, Lin-sheng went so far little nervous.
  Wheat see cameras in place, busy hands assistant took prompt cardboard, Lin gave birth, “Look.”
  Assistant simply cleared up a bit filming, forest health holding cue cards, found two cardboard.
  He looked at the cardboard to himself:
  ”Dear Lin-sheng, hello, welcome to Isa sponsored by Bebe shampoo” rest of his life have you “in the coming days, you and your lover Yao Ji ceremony will experience the fun and the other two pairs Fufu and romantic journey.The first phase of the program is rather special. ”
  Read here, he pauses next, then surprised to see the wheat, wheat nod after seeing his disbelief and said: “really want to do this?Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”
  Wheat jumped the sentence, “You do not laugh a bit too obscured.”
  Forest Health flu shot super, quickly adapted to the shooting, there are thoughts and wheat joking, “Obviously it?”Cover your mouth busy.
  ”When will tell the total discipline, to see what his reaction.”Lin-sheng smiling.
  Wheat question: “I’m angry with you privately it is always so called discipline?Do not feel