Lu seventy-one stage again introduced a bit, “At that time we all sit here, when everyone is watching a theatrical performance, and more fun ah, then it will directly vote tonight, of course, the crew over there Finally, what will not be checked out we voted, I do not know.Probably the crew stress is we do not have selected it?”
  ”That’s how to do?”The play ran vague and did not expect to like this week,” You’re not my father do investors?Who would you recommend them not to use Who?”
  [Zhou Miao good direct, ha ha ha]
  [That’s the difference, like fairies and such vague week really straightforward, and they kind of posturing Liu Liu, a big difference]
  [Now we must lead fight it?I feel very good ah Liu Liu]
  [Indus is obviously the most pretentious Okay?]
  [I think most of the play is Guoya Jie, you did not see what she made of it?Called a prostitute gas soaring]
  [What made?]
  [Is a photo of, say others are so good, even if she lost a very happy]
  [So] really good bitch ah
  [We do not have elected people, it is not white election Scrapped?]
  [Longevity fun on the Well, the other unimportant]
  [So this is a bunch of people are monkey little fairy?This really okay?]
  [Fairies would always say one thing and do another, very obviously also a respect for others like me who respect]
  [Fairies just say possible, but where’s the front