Horch: “.”

  Sheng Qiao opening the hands-free, they poked open microblogging looked, suddenly exclaimed: “God, fell over, then ranked second all friends!You see, sign tasks have to do ah!”
  Horch: “You are in it to change the subject?”
  Sheng Joe: “trained,.”
  Fortunately, Horch and work life or the points very clear, not grabbing hold kiss this point, and she confessed a few pay attention to the body, where uncomfortable in a timely manner to the hospital until he was near the school there, before Joe Sheng reluctantly hung up the phone.
  Woo, long distance relationship is very hard ah.
  Off-site underground feeling more bitter.
  The next morning, Joe and Sheng Ming had breakfast together.Director should fill up her play, her scenes this time next heaviest, with Zeng Ming of match play is also up, eating buns time, had Ming said: “The agent told me that last night, I’ll fry with your campaign scandal.”
  Sheng Qiao a bun almost erupted: “No!”
  Zeng Ming smiled: “General operating filming, over the timing of the fans came to visit and then clarify the rumor on the line.A lot of costume drama filming recently, the topic of heat and are not enough.”
  Sheng Qiao repeatedly shook his head: “No no no.”
  Zeng Ming stared at her: “Do you have advice for me?”
  Sheng Joe: “No ah!”
  Zeng Ming: “Why did you can with Horch rumors, rumors with the intention Shen Jun, is