Gu Jiuan go around.

  After all Gujiu An really good, looks good good good ability origin, spoil everyone is lucky growing up, clean and pure heart, not his –
  So despicable.
  After Gujiu An wake up, it is already nine o’clock the next morning.
  Late is certainly late, this actor in the care or the first time in his career, he was a splitting headache, right fist gently tapping the forehead, until his mind swift tingling some relief, some fragmentary fragments suddenly poured his mind.
  Last night he seemed pulled Su Yuan’s hand, told her what.
  Bad, he would not say with Su Yuan should not say it.
  ”Ah ah ah ah.”
  Gujiu An could not hold his head long crying loudly.
  Fortunately, the room only one person, no one would see this dark side Gujiu An.He got up simply wash a bit, the pace of superficial out the door, opened the door, just to see Huoting Chen opened the door at the same time, the two 大眼瞪小眼, then invariably looked away, and grunted.
  Huoting Chen last night, although not drunk, but really drunk, wake up headache No, I did not expect to come across a door Gujiu An.
  Very unlucky.
  Huoting Chen Lengsu a straight face, taking the lead