Some embarrassing old head.

  ”Multi-Xiexiao You!Before things had offended many, but also do not want to forgive me!”
  Ye white waved, did not care.
  Everyone saw this scene, the hearts are set off a stormy sea, what kind of person this guy ah, students are not in medical school, there are such profound medicine.
  Lien and Soong hanging on to shame beats, they questioned what qualifications people?
  Huang Yi Liang and Yan Ze is the teacher and student were some embarrassing on the face, he stood on top of the podium is not to go nor to stay, embarrassing death.
  Think Before, Huang Yi Liang holds acupuncture needles with two hands, have won universal applause, and a white leaf, really bad days to do ah.
  Is revered white leaf reaches a height when suddenly standing on the podium Ma Baiwei two and one black, suddenly fainted.
  Fortunately, leaves white Shoujiyankuai directly to Ma Baiwei help up, Hengbao on the podium.
  A hand diagnose the troubles, a handspring eyelid.
  Chak Yan Xin and Dai are all shocked, Ma, this is a child ah, if there is anything happens, you can really afford to be magnanimous.
  Chak Yan Song and white leaves suspended immediately stood to the side, just like a