, Then saw the woman, he thought it was his father gave him a gift, so

Wu think the more the more down inhaled air, he looked terrified Wu Tao, “I, I did not mean it, Wu Tao, you believe me, I did not mean to.”

“Kill people, did not mean to say, people can live it up?”Wu Tao, some weeping laugh,” Wu, one from my father started, to my brother, to my wife, all dead in your hand there, you let me let you dream!”

As soon as Li He, Wu Tao, lying in his arms kid also felt the intention to kill Wu Tao, roared climbed on the shoulders of Wu Tao, bright red lips open to reveal a forest of white teeth, facing Wu whispered roar.

Eyes looking kid already gearing up plans to get involved, has been looking after the safety of the North Star Shen Zhen Wei side of the cold opening, “If you want to let your brother have a good reincarnation, do not let it hands.”

Wu Tao one, the people are stunned for a moment, he looked at his subconscious has a language unknown to the side of safety Zhen Wei, whispered: “What do you mean.”

An Wei Zhen support the gills with slender fingers, pale and said: “I just gave you a brother Bu Gua, he is in the pre-existence