China Fortune won first place in the top 10 sound operation of 2018 housing prices in China

  In mid-2017, total sales of China Fortune billion yuan, an increase of%, maintained since 2011, the market continued growth, and the company expects to exceed the annual target of 145 billion yuan。 China Fortune actively promote the implementation of the "industry first" strategy to industrial development as the core focus of the Chinese new city construction happiness industry, through the integration of global resources to build industry clusters around the field of electronic information, high-end equipment, aerospace, bio-pharmaceutical industry, the establishment has China Fortune characteristic industrial advantages, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises。
  "Chinese real estate development enterprises 500" evaluation study by the China Real Estate Association, Shanghai E-House Real Estate Institute co-chaired by China Real Estate Assessment Center, to carry out consecutive years, it has become a comprehensive evaluation of the results of the evaluation of real estate development enterprise comprehensive strength and an important position in the industry standard。 The evaluation of a comprehensive measure of the overall strength of enterprises from seven aspects of firm size, risk management, profitability, growth potential, operating performance, innovation, social responsibility, using the income scale, the scale of development, asset size, profit scale, financing capabilities and other 19 secondary indicators, including real estate business income, property rental income of the holding, the area of real estate sales, total assets and other 52 three overall measure of the overall strength of enterprises。