Young kidnapping or how much some negative impact on her, with a black powder words, let someone else use the idea of kidnapping, you can simply what role?There is always guilt on the victims of this society, no alternative.

  But tonight play these games, Sheng Joe has been successfully used his acting skills and attitudes we reversed the impression of her, others, after all, still have to personally contacted in order to distinguish right from wrong.
  With the crew eleven farewell, Jane Ding and white on the side with her back to the hotel, do not trust Jane Ding, also wanted to take her to the hospital to check, Sheng Joe is rejected.
  If was photographed, she said into the group on the first day in the hospital, I do not know what hypocritical rhetoric will be heard.
  Back at the hotel just going to take a bath, I received a phone Horch.He knows her into the group today, worried that she hurt not good, asked a few cases, Sheng Joe did not mention the headache with him like a baby: “This play is good sand sculpture ah, every time I could not help but want to laugh.”
  Horch: “The script was a sand sculpture kiss you?”
  Sheng Joe: “.”
  Your focus is very tricky ah.
  Sheng Joe quickly change the subject: “Horch, you give yourself today hit list yet?”
  Horch: “.”
  Sheng Joe earnestness: “sign can not be broken ah!Remember to re-sign after six o’clock every morning, we will randomly presented points, and each is a cornerstone Rising!”