School, even if it is slowly walked over, in fact, far from it when walking exercise.

  But XIA away from classes this semester arrangements are more awkward time.In addition to the eight o’clock in the morning the first lesson, there is a final one night, half past eight pm on the school.
  She is currently teaching the history of European civilization is a public elective course, belong to various colleges can choose various professional large general education classes, most students are placed in the first three years of university public elective credits take full election this door people are also many lessons are arranged in a multi-seating capacity amphitheater in.
  Students, large classrooms, a volley of more than a row of tall amphitheater, XIA away when the school, they did not notice each student, unless the movement is particularly large or is sitting in the first few rows.
  After all, not a professional small lesson, but XIA away it very interesting, and after class is also still a lot of interest to students and ask her point question, or want to copy courseware like.
  But this evening after class, XIA away standing edge of the platform to ask questions of a student Lianhan her several times, Lin, as if she did not like to hear, did not answer.
  Indeed, she did not expect, it was sitting in the last row by