Where things can be so intense fear of it, for how outsiders would say to his family, Chen Jiayong really clear enough.

  ”You really do not be afraid, my family are good people, then I used to take you over for a dinner, you will understand.”Miss Bibi Chen Jiayong July” this small ancestors, our family is really mind the softest, most gentle, she is a big temper, you do not listen to what others say, how outsiders say are false, and you feel yourself..”
  She feels himself to be a genuine outsider even more disgusted little bastard right?
  Lu seventy-one always looked at the woman and overly tolerant of Chen Jiayong brain supplement, if he was born in the war years, certainly he died in the hands of the enemies of women.Because Chen Jiayong three view, women are delicate flower, like kindness, care needs care.Even if one or two of evil, and it was forced to live.Otherwise that weak woman, not to mention the shoulder can not Tiaoshou can accomplish anything, let alone the evil.
  Ha ha.
  Sometimes land seventy-one think, Chen Jiayong was born a man to make a woman love to hate.He pity all women, because he believed that women are the most useless.
  What a fucking causal relationship ah.
  So at the moment, Lu seventy-one once again confirmed that want to exterminate the biggest obstacle to wind chimes, is Chen Jiayong.
  Before greatest tragedy did not happen last generation, wind chimes true colors after exposure, grandmother and aunts father and mother are worried legislator, hurt Chen Jiayong.

Chapter 23 acting
  Chen Jialiang can wait