Fitness Foot Foot principle benefits and contraindications

Foot fitness principle, benefits and contraindications foot, following small series details for you。 Chinese medicine believes that the foot is the root of the essence。 Foot therapy is the use of drug decoction, to soak feet, bathing, a therapy to treat disease。 In the immersion process, in addition to the buoyancy of water, the liquid friction motion of the water particles on the foot, mainly warm water effect, external treatment effect of the drug effect and a foot reflex zone。
Foot warm water having a foot bath, the drug treatment and outer foot reflex zone stimulation three functions, three functions can interact。
Warm and easy from drugs, acupoints and respiratory tract absorption, play a therapeutic role of drugs。 Foot can be used as therapy in the disease outside the government, but also as a variety of skin disorders Bath。 When the drug by dipping and heat, can clear the meridians, blood, eliminate the cult poison purposes。 Modern medicine, when warm water foot bath can promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, and drugs from the sweat glands in the skin, sebaceous glands infiltrate absorption, and thus play a therapeutic role。 So when the foot bath water temperature is very important, the drug of choice is very important, also very important way。
Fitness Foot Foot principle benefits and contraindications foot to foot room commonly used drugs, there will always be a variety of foot bath liquid for you to choose, such as roses foot bath, foot bath, foot bath and so on algae mud。
In fact, in terms of medication foot rose, milk or algae mud to select no practical significance, the key to which Chinese medicines containing the drug。
Foot therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, mostly by walking through the network, resuscitation Speranskia, Sida Quxie drugs。
E.g., Angelica ,, pangolin, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, etc.。 The medication will foot odor all thick taste, sometimes with great force with some of the toxic products, and have more with。
Such as Breit, monkshood, Aconitum, Southern Star, etc.。