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  Text / Sina Finance Europe station chief Hao Qian see the moment the first submarine of the German Navy U1, my understanding of German industry is refreshed again。
  Munich, Germany, on the island of Sa Yi River, was built in 1903 in the Deutsches Museum is the world's largest science and technology museum。 And those breathtaking black German military technology – the Second World War V2 missile, rocket-powered fighter – compared to lie on the ground floor in a corner of the museum looked like much U1 submarine。 This service began in 1906, the German submarine wolf pack training boat is a brilliant starting point, let me deeply shocking is his dynamic mechanism。
  U1 a fuel engine and a motor drives a propeller series, submarines machine fuel during surface navigation, the motor drive battery charging, can be employed when the submerged motor drive, minimum noise, maximum efficiency。 Most of the First World War German submarine have been disassembled, the real exhibits lucky to survive。 Military smoke cleared, leaving the U1 model also has more than 100 years old, the perfect design "hybrid" Until now still use。   History of modern German industry has a lot of amazing place to catch up from the second industrial revolution, the fourth industrial revolution perfect interpretation of the industry; from the inventor of the tram to the hybrid drive machine, diesel engine, which are making many high-end brands in Germany dazzling established position in the field of internal combustion engine is difficult to shake。
But now, with engineering known German companies we encountered the biggest enemy is not each other, but the husband starts new technology enterprises。 German companies in the industry is able to continue to lead a hundred years, to see in this round of competition and new technology can win in the。
  Prior to this year's annual meeting in Munich BMW, there are two things that are very much related to the transformation of the German car prices。
  First, in order to combat pollution, the German city banned a number of heavily polluting diesel vehicles on the road。
This was seen as the first step in the German ban on the production of internal combustion engines。 By 2030, Germany may prohibit internal combustion engine。
This could subvert the traditional business model and the German car firms up and down the industrial chain。   The second thing that happened in the United States。 On Monday, the USA and Asia, Arizona, a woman was crossing the road when riding Uber unmanned test vehicle knocked down and killed, it has triggered a wave of discussion。 But already the drone industry trend, the trend is irreversible, for traditional and new technology enterprises in car prices also occurred in a hard-fought。   These two problems seem unrelated news hot German quality car prices are most concerned about: electrification, autopilot and digital。
In order to be able to resist the surge of cutting-edge technology competition, German companies also fight。
  Data show that the BMW 2017 fiscal year revenues billion euros, pre-tax profit topped 10 billion euros。
In addition to "Eighth jump in revenue," the bright figures, last year, the BMW Group increased R & D investment of more than 2016%, reaching billion euros, 47.6 billion yuan a year is。 This year the figure will increase。
So a huge amount of money, mainly into new models of electric field and autopilot。   Let me talk about electrification。 BMW Group diesel vehicles for their own pride, convinced that they produce diesel vehicles is one of the world's best diesel vehicles。
Electrification process for representatives of BMW luxury cars, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, it must be very painful, but they have no choice, then just a matter of paths and strategies。
  BMW Group chairman Ke Luge repeatedly stressed that "our future is electric, interconnected"。
When the BMW Group Managing Director, responsible for corporate finance and China affairs, Dr. Peter (NicolasPeter) also accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Finance, said the luxury car manufacturer BMW is the world's oldest toward electrification, by the end of 2025, the BMW Group will have 25 models of electric vehicles , of which 12 models of pure electric vehicles。 If you follow Ke Luge statement, the BMW Group's high-end cars, including Rolls-Royce, including all brands will gradually electrification。   Besides autopilot。
Uber world's first case of a pedestrian killed when an event occurs test autonomous vehicles, raise questions about this new technology。 In this regard, responsible for the development of the BMW Group Managing Director Fu Lexi stressed autopilot technology development is a long process, in terms of the current stage of development, whether it is a sensor or computer processing power has limitations, can not be absolutely no people driving。
  By the end of 2016, the BMW Group has in the field of science and technology to automatically drive about 600 employees, after all professional forces have moved to within a new autopilot center of Munich, which means that there are more than 2000 employees on autopilot research and development, from software development to road test。
Some technical staff have worked at the company before the new technology。   It is reported that BMW mainly for testing autonomous vehicles in the three countries, including Munich, California and Israel。
BMW completed by mid-2017 more than ten thousand kilometers of highly automated driving real road test, this is the autopilot in the field of raw data accumulation。
  In addition, there are already 40 BMW seven series cars as a test vehicle related tests, these vehicles need to be tested in highways and urban roads, the choice of site testing in the United States, Israel and Munich。 This year, the number of BMW autopilot test fleet will double to around 80 vehicles。
On the surface, this unmanned vehicles and ten thousand Uber plan and the plan falls far short of Volvo, BMW's plan is to be at least autonomous vehicles to be tested more than 200 million kilometers, which is to ensure the safety of consumers fixed target。   Currently none of the companies has reached 200 million kilometers of test targets。   "We need at least 200 million kilometers of testing, it is clear now far away from the target。 Important not lobbied for 200 million kilometers, but all the various tests, weather, road conditions, such as different。
To achieve a pure digital is not difficult, difficult is quality tested。 "Peter says。   Today, the German car prices combined vertical and horizontal throughout the inside and outside of the industry, the car companies cross-industry collaboration is close to any historical period have not occurred in the past。   After becoming the German auto giant Daimler Group's largest shareholder, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding issued a statement saying "There is not a car manufacturer can single-handedly deal with foreign invaders science and technology", so "in order to occupy high ground, there must be a friend , partners and allies. "。
The private chat in Munich with German entrepreneurs, many people are very honest, although this auspicious acquisition significantly challenge the German national brand of pride, can respond to new technologies within the industry and outside the industry. " weave "is imperative。
  When asked about the "cooperation" and "ally" how to define, BMW Group Director, Corporate Finance and responsible for China affairs, Dr. Peter (NicolasPeter) also frankly told Reuters: "The cooperation itself is increasingly important in our industry."。
  For example, automatic driving, for example, just a few kilometers away north of Munich, BMW and Intel, Mobileye these partners created an innovation center。 This is a direct teamed up with technology companies; but at the same time, "BMW will quickly and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Group) to establish a production center."。
This is a peer。   "I think the new technology industry and the automotive industry have reached a consensus that they need each other to jointly promote the automation of the process of driving。
That is why we and Intel as well as cooperation in these Mobileye technology companies to jointly develop automated driving system。
We can not say this industry or that industry, but merging the two industries will only get the best results as quickly。
"Peter says。
  He even used a word tide: "hares" (Friendemy)。