20 years “sister” to do so become brothers

Thunder plains, sisters was actually a man named spring of 1990, who lives in Henan mall KEEPING couple welcomed their first child.See Meimuqingxiu daughter was born, pale and pleasant, the couple crowed.Two years later, their two daughters birth, little sister look as beautiful and lovely.After years, which sisters tie pigtail, wearing a skirt, into the ladies room, even the name on the household there is an obvious female characteristics: There is a big name Yao Chan words, Dan Xiao Yao names have a word.Yao Shijie Mei in the care of their parents, they had a happy and carefree childhood.After elementary school, Dayao vaguely aware of some of the strange start, she and her sister love to climb trees together with the boys climbing, throwing the four corners of the plate, a slingshot, but then the girls are keen beanbag, shuttlecock and other games bother attend.Even the girls are all longing for the bright-colored clothes, beautiful card, for which Yao little sisters also unattractive.Because the two characters like naughty boys, like, in school and in the village, everyone had put big Yao and Xiao Yao when the tomboy look.So that the size of Yao feel embarrassed that whenever they went into the ladies room of the school, the students always attracted ridicule: yo, also tomboy ladies room on the way, go directly to the men’s room chant!Once the little sisters and classmates of a dispute, to androgynous people will attack them, which made Yao Shijie Mei feel pain.Gradually, they did not dare to go to school toilets, did not dare get too close with the students, in order to avoid friction, was other people’s humiliation.Time flies, a blink of an eye Dayao grow to a 16-year-old sister Xiao Yao also had 14 years of age.Until then, the sisters only vaguely aware that something was amiss their situation: the other girls this age, have risen up the chest, with menarche, why their bodies did little movement yet?Especially after the girls were thus ridiculed, Dayao and psychological shadow of her sister’s heavier.Not only physically obvious female characteristics, Love cardamom into the big Yao and Xiao Yao, emotionally began unconsciously alienate boys, try to get close to the girl.Whenever and beautiful female students play together, their hearts felt very comfortable, and even had a strange sense of pleasure.Girls like girls?This is embarrassing to spread to repeat itself in the small village of occlusion, Dayao shame and remorse for his unusual.Plus academic performance is also far from ideal, reading three days in mid-2006 when she dropped out of school.Just when Dayao confused for their physical and psychological quirks, is fifth grade sister Xiao Yao participated in a school physical examination, the results of the doctor was surprised to find that she was probably not a girl!The doctor did not dare to tell the news Xiao Yao, but quietly said to her father, Yao Jianmin.Thunder rolling across the plains as the head, the news suddenly put KEEPING couples shock Mongolia: ten years of girl raised not a girl, is it not also a son?!They is difficult to believe.Soon, the parents quickly put the little girl to the hospital in Wuhan, a large.Review the results of the investigation stunned them, doctors diagnosed Xiao Yao is male!Yao Jianmin couple still difficult to accept this absurd reality, puzzled and asked the doctor: You are not wrong?You must be a mistake, we are raising more than a decade girl, how suddenly it became a son?This is not a joke it!The boy is to say, how it will be no small penis?This is not mistaken.Person’s sex is determined by chromosomes, female sex chromosomes XX, XY males.You see, your baby is the XY chromosomes.Data on doctors pointing to a single laboratory, Yao’s wife patiently explained.Subsequently, Dayao also parents brought a large hospital for tests, very painful conclusion: the eldest daughter is a man named!At that moment, his wife could not help KEEPING slumped, KEEPING mood extremely complex.Boys and girls, were born at a glance it does not look?For more than 10 years, how will confused to the point that even the wrong sex of the baby?In rural areas, there are two sons, daughter and son than a face, Yao Jianmin and his wife anxious Dayao small Yao Yisheng down is a male baby, when the baby was born two can, indeed physical characteristics is a girl ah, how to grow up to become a male?After a large hospital system checks, Yao and Xiao Yao really big men, but the root cause of the brothers more than a decade of gender ambiguous, because they are born, they suffered from congenital cleft under a name of perineal urethra diseases.Boy suffering from this disease, really easy to be mistaken.Doctors said the cause of hypospadias is very complex, medicine has not found a clear cause.Big Yao and Xiao Yao are hidden inside the body of the male reproductive system, just a little deformity.Distorted illness life and love such a small probability event Tandao about their own children, Yao Jianmin couple was both painful and embarrassing.If that is spread out, let the villagers know their daughter turned out to be two boy, also suffering from this strange disease congenital, that time will certainly be a variety of rumors flood Mindful of this, I could not help but Yao Jianmin shaking his head lament.With a heavy heart that different parents, Yao and Xiao Yao large that they originally man named, finally solved the haunting years of all kinds of doubts, wiping out long-standing psychological barrier for the first time have the feeling of physical and mental Brisk.The thought of the future may be right and proper to chase a girl, Dayao and my heart is deeply thankful.The next question is, big Yao and Xiao Yao have to get healed.Doctors say the best treatment for patients under the age of crack in the urethra before the age of 6, and now Yao’s two teenage children, and little hope of successful treatment.Yao Jianmin and his wife do not want to give up, tears ask doctors: a glimmer of hope we also want to try ah, two children at the same time how much money surgery?Get back is a hundred thousand dollars!Because his wife has been ailing, poor family, such as washing KEEPING even Zaguomaitie, also could not get this huge sum of money.Helplessness the occasion, KEEPING returned home, bite the bullet and whereabouts of relatives and neighbors to borrow money, he said the child had a disease, needs surgery.The results people are not declined him, is to take a few hundred dollars and handed send him, he said: I count this money to you, then let alone borrow, borrow money to my home a few years when your wife before surgery, has yet to also on it!Yes ah, the earth plane food in a nice village folks are tough.KEEPING meager income, yet pay off old debts, also the people mouth, and indeed make people embarrassed.Scrape together enough money to do genital corrective surgery for the two children, the villagers fear that their own children suffering from abnormal things, placed in the road in front of Yao Jianmin seems only a couple – it would be wrong to continue to raise his son when the girl go.In this regard, they feel very guilty.Yao’s wife meant to convey her husband two children, then lookin tears, said: such as the family money, they take you to see a doctor.Blame father and mother just found incompetent ah man named, but to continue living dresser awkward, big Yao and Xiao Yao heart and sour natural feel wronged, but the thought of their parents is not easy, brothers or sensible nod.However, There is no unventilated wall.Because it produced a land dispute in the village and KEEPING a family home and has never.One day, to see his daughter Xiao Yao and play together, that lady of the house angry, actually in front of a lot of people in the village scolded her daughter: dead girl, after you give me away ‘Simon’ farther!Maybe he’s that strange disease will infect humans!Since then, the big Yao Xiao Yao due to suffering from a strange disease that led to androgynous news spread like wildfire, Yao family in the village from suppressed.To allow a person to escape from the media storm out, Yao Jianmin in the winter of that year with his wife and children moved away from home, she came to Zhengzhou City workers renters.In a foreign land, KEEPING alone handled a family, labor from dawn to dusk at the site every day, great pressure to survive more than 40 years of age on Huafa Early, it looks like a little old man.In order to alleviate the burden of life father shoulders, big Yao and Xiao Yao also early into the community to make a living.Unexpectedly, just get rid of the people in the village pointing, it is difficult to be accepted by society Yao brothers, fell into the abyss of pain again.In early 2008, they both went to work in a shoe factory in Shenzhen.As the male characteristics Xiao Yao some more obvious whenever Dayao habitually shouted his sister, will provoke the workers exclaimed: Days it, I thought it was your brother, it turned out to be your sister ah!Brother listened to my heart burst of sad, who understand their own inner pain and brother do?Whenever Yao brothers walking in the factory, or go shopping, but also often heard in the crowd harsh dialogue: hey, do you think that the two are a man or a woman?male.female.It is certainly a man and a woman.On the site, people often take their brothers gender bet.Let Yao brothers has become far more embarrassing it is that, due to the external image and identity cards have shown that they are women, into natural plant placed in a female dormitory.After a day of work, the brothers fear dormitory, because women workers would front of their face bathe, change clothes, and even some private chat topic, so they feel they’re red in the face.Later, in order to avoid a similar embarrassment, Yao brothers meet every day after getting off work to go outside Xia Guang, lights-out time until the close quarters of women who dare to go back to sleep.External female identity is actually a boy’s distress, so the brothers into a deep inferiority complex, they become more and more reticent, reluctant to contact with people.But less than escape embarrassment, or will come from.Dayao delicate looks to be a boy to pursue a!The other party often go out shopping about him, invited him to dinner, and buy a small gift for him.Despite being a big Yao declined after the affection, the boy still chasing his indomitable.Finally one day, the brothers really the last straw.Men dressed as women dress got time, but I can not play.Then it goes on, their lives will completely spent in this distortion and pain.In early 2010, Yao and Xiao Yao left large came to Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and decided to start from this strange city, change the status quo, change of life, back to the original man face!To Hangzhou, the brothers began to face life, they will throw away all their women, long hair cut, put the boy’s clothes.The first time as a boy walking by the road since birth, is more than a decade Yao brothers feel the most relaxed, most proud moments, they never do when the awkward girl, and no one finger pointing behind Clicked.Xiao Yao’s voice trembled with emotion, jerky shouted loudly big brother Yao!Dayao promised, a pair of eyes and tears in the looming.He was also the first time called Xiao Yao brother.Two brothers suffering unusual four-hand clutched vowed: life is no longer improper girl!When love moving society, 20 years to do so become brothers and sisters Unexpectedly, the brothers feel that life is renewed hope, the occurrence of several things, but let them realize that men just do back in shape mentally and also not enough, they also need social recognition, and substantially altered.April 2011, Dayao driving a large electric tricycle, to Hangzhou, a stainless steel door and window shop door, the road is accidentally rubs accident.Traffic police rushed to deal with, let him show me ID.This seemingly ordinary requirements, allows Dayao abnormal embarrassed, anxious to find a seam drilling.In front of so many onlookers face, he can be expected that once took out his girl goes on printed picture, gender identity for the woman, the crowd surprised eyes make him ashamed.So, Dayao has been reluctant to show identity cards, not tell police his name, standing on the middle of the road as distress, oozing a fine sweat on his forehead.Dayao traffic police feel very suspicious, asked the team to the traffic police, learned the truth.Dayao know if a sex column he wrote on female characters and his brother’s identity, even dressed like a boy, but also can not be accepted by the community.For example, Dayao wanted to test a driver’s license, he was told the time of registration: This ID card is your sister Shu it?Starting your own.Usually he and his brother could not buy a train ticket, only when they go by bus.This is not the most serious.Due to the age of love, to Hangzhou after Dayao pay a girlfriend, the two fall in love, to live together soon.This sweet and romantic love, only lasted a few months, when the discovery of physical defects Dayao, the girl cursed he is a liar, and then left him crying.Xiao Yao also love to see the failure of love from my brother in his love prospect, he began to understand that he can not give a complete sweetheart happy life.In order to avoid further damage to the beloved girl, he did not back Ungrateful person charges, the initiative to leave her.The brothers died almost simultaneously love and suffering the embarrassment of not being gender identity society, are derived from hypospadias disease.In order to shake off the suffering of the soul, a real man to be a really big Yao decided to earn money, or save himself and his brother early surgical and medical costs.To this end, he quit his salary is not high share of Hangzhou work, to work on a fishing boat in Ningbo, a rarity in the dirty job and dry, because high wages.Once fishing, their ship encountered a storm, the fish are close Dayao, was immediately a big Langjuan into the sea on the deck, nearly died.Parents about the incident both scared and distressed, advised him not worked on fishing vessels, it is too dangerous.Dayao except that it will be more careful in the future, but do not want to quit this high-paying jobs.He said nothing but good news to his mother: I’ll save the money a year, will be able to estimate the surgery to his brother, a man named desire more strongly than he restored me, I would like to help him this dream a reality as soon as possible!In early summer 2013, Dayao working for many years to come up with their own savings of 60,000 yuan, with Shanghai Xiao Yao found a large hospital, his brother want to do corrective surgery as soon as possible.After checked Xiao Yao’s body, the doctor said that although the surgery is more complex, but Xiao Yao’s disease can still be cured after surgery is successful, does not affect the sexual life after marriage.Getting remark, Dayao and cried, shaking his brother’s shoulder and said: hear me, you will soon be able to become a real man of!When the doctor learned that big Yao and Xiao Yao actually suffering from the same disease, was surprised and asked Dayao: Since you are also suffering from hypospadias disease, why not give yourself a treat it?Dayao told the doctor, my brother has been longing for love, because of health reasons not dare contact with the girls.Every time I see him lonely melancholy look, my heart is like a knife, like pain.Right now not enough money, let him do it one person.The doctor looked at just this 23-year-old boy, his rough calloused hands, his face falls on fishing vessels so far scars These are a man, a brother left in the misery of life in Order of Glory ah!Emotion Shigeyoshi this doctor was deeply touched by the boy, immediately told him: you come back to me tomorrow, maybe there will be good news!Dayao away, kindly doctor immediately report to hospital led the Yao brothers do, and the hospital can grant this request help for the suffering brothers.The study, the hospital finally decided to give the brothers at the same time a large Yao Xiao Yao surgery, and two of the greatest possible reduction of medical expenses!Hearing this, Yao’s brother and parents had just arrived in Shanghai overjoyed, bowed again and again thanks to the doctor.Early 2013 autumn big Yao and Xiao Yao after two surgeries and rehabilitation, and finally hand in hand out of the hospital.At that moment, the brothers directed miss out sunny world shouted: We finally did return a real man!Man behind the recovery, Yao brothers heart there is a big rock, and that is to change identity information.Big Yao and Xiao Yao immediately returned to his hometown after an absence of six years, consult the matter to the police station.People applied for reclassification household name and age a lot, but who change gender is very rare, and once changed gender, identity card numbers have to change.After the escalation, Xinyang City Public Security Bureau approved: municipal matter in my first case, it should be everything, to meet the parties request.Dayao smooth things was beyond imagination XiaoYao day, brought back from the district police station in April 2014 of their own identity, Yao brothers full gaze for a few minutes, I saw the ID photo into a men’s sex column also says men.At that moment, which is by the sisters become brothers, are not revealing the long-lost smile, their lives, finally connected the source of happiness!Back home the same day, two brothers in the pond in front of the side, the women’s collection has long been a clean Teriyaki, also burned more than a decade of humiliation and repression.Tomorrow, this affectionate brothers Nirvana rebirth, back to Zhengzhou will reunite with their parents, but also will open their new life in the sun!