Can you take off the order in April 2019?

April is a warm season and a good time for everything to recover and peach blossoms to bloom.. In April, when the weather is pleasant, it is definitely a very happy thing to be able to take off the order. Can you take off the order in April 2019?? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s be a Questions together.!   Have you ever had a cold war with your parents??   A, Never B, Only Once C, Quarrel Several Times D, Have Been Quarreling Test Answer: A, You can take off the list You are a very lively, cheerful and attractive person, You are very good at dealing with others, You also have many interests and hobbies, So your circle of friends is very wide and you will mingle with many members of the opposite sex.. In addition, you have very good conditions in all aspects. Whether in appearance or career, many members of the opposite sex will like you, so it is only a matter of time before you leave..   B, you will have an affair with the person you like. you are very smart and have a sense of crisis.. Before, you didn’t care much about being single, on the contrary, you enjoyed being single very much, but as you get older, you become more anxious.. Therefore, you will be very attentive to the issue of taking off the order and will try your best to contact the people you like, so you will meet the people you like in April, have an affair with each other, and will take off the order soon..   C, your blind date is not very smooth. you are the kind of person who has relatively ordinary conditions and looks ordinary.. Moreover, your personality is relatively monotonous, with no romantic feeling and not very lively.. Although you will start dating the opposite sex and try to go on blind dates in April, your blind date is not very smooth and it is difficult to get off the list..   D, you won’t take off the list. you are a family residence. you don’t like dealing with other people very much. instead, you just like to stay at home and play games and watch plays.. If it is not necessary, you can even stay indoors for ten days and a half months.. Therefore, Otaku like you have little chance to meet the opposite sex you like, let alone take off the list..