This year Beijing will implement 100 road sparse block to increase the proportion of green travel project 73%

Data Figure: Beijing subway Yan room line reporter Zhang Yushe Beijing March 21 (Reporter Yu Li Xiao) "to ease traffic congestion in Beijing 2018 Action Plan" put forward 21 release this year, Beijing will implement the road sparse block works 100 , rail sections 3 experimental operation, complete the 900 km bike path control, to improve the proportion of green travel to the city center 73%。
  Under the plan, by 2018, Beijing will implement vehicle population control in less than 6.1 million, rail transit operating mileage of more than 630 kilometers, the ground continued to optimize public transportation network, bicycle and walking slow system prevailing conditions continue to improve, the central city road network traffic control about index improved to 73% the proportion of green travel, urban transportation smooth and orderly operation of the overall security。   As one of the key tasks to ease traffic congestion in Beijing this year will accelerate the construction of transportation infrastructure, improve traffic supply capacity, including the construction of rail transit accelerate。
  Under the plan, before the end of this year, Beijing will achieve Rail Transit Line 6 West Extension (Haidian Rd ranking – Apple Orchard Road) and Line 8 three, four (Zhushikou – five Futang – Yonhap) experimental operation。
At the same time will accelerate the new airport rail line, the construction of the line 22, line 7 East Extension, Route 12, etc.。
  To promote Beijing, Tianjin and road network interoperability will be achieved before the end of this year all through the metropolitan area ring highway; to promote the new airport expressway, highway construction north line of the new airport, construction group Rd; do the preliminary Taiping highway project jobs。
  This year Beijing will fully promote the 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter, related to road construction in 2019 Beijing World Park will be involved in the realization of Xing Yan highway all through, accelerate the construction of the extension of the highway Chong。   Beijing will also start the construction of Beijing Zhang Qinghe station supporting high-speed rail ride facilities, promote the Fengtai Railway Station, Transportation connection facilities Spark train station; fast way connected with the study of the city's transport hub airport for civil aviation, promoting Beijing's new airport Korea Ze Terminal transportation connection facilities to explore in facilities set up in the Dongzhimen integrated transportation hub。   In improving rail transport and interchange conditions, Beijing will study and formulate a new city rail transit line connection three-year action plan, adjust and optimize the Rail Transport and public transportation line layout, speed up rail traffic around the site bike lanes and trails construction, construction around some key rail transfer station parking (P + R) parking lot。 (Finish)。