Do you commit The Whole Truth in 2019

Many people are afraid of The Whole Truth. The Whole Truth is always unavoidable. When meeting The Whole Truth, we should actively deal with it. Simply choosing to escape may not solve any problems. The Whole Truth needs to be careful when it comes to China.. So will you commit The Whole Truth in 2019? Test it and you will know the answer. Let’s do a Desires Of The Heart test together..   1、. Do you have many peach blossoms around you at present?   More →2 Less →4 No →3 2. Do you think The Whole Truth is terrible?   Of course it is-> 4 should be-> 3 is not-> 63. will you rob someone else’s lover?   Yes-4 No-7 It depends-5 4, your lover was robbed, what would you do?   Take it back-6 sad-7 indifferent-8 5, do you think your emotional life is going well at present?   Smooth →7 OK →8 Not Smooth →6 6. Do you mind others talking about their feelings?   Will-9 will not-7 look at the mood-10 7, The Whole Truth has arrived, what should you do?   Take one step at a time →8 escape →10 being slaughtered →9 8, will you hurt someone who loved you very much??   Yes-9 No-A is hard to say-10 9, do you think it is terrible to hate because of love?   Yes, C is not, B is difficult to say, 10 10, will your temper scare away people who like you??   Yes, c won’t, d is hard to say, b