Lotte barely?Analysts say the larger Lotte Duty Free Shop withdraw from Incheon International Airport possibility

  [Global Network reported reporter Li Huiling South Korea's Lotte Duty Free Shop since September 2017 for the first time announced intention to withdraw from the Incheon International Airport, messages regarding whether Lotte withdraw shop has no results。 South Korean industry analysts believe that a great possibility Lotte withdraw shop, and whether the end will take a decision on the withdrawal store。
  According to South Korean news agency reported Niuxi Si February 1, Lotte known case of withdrawal store industry sources, the more likely Lotte withdraw shop, since the end of February can be expressed intention to withdraw shop, Lotte end of February will be made whether to withdraw shop decide。
  It reported that Lotte Duty Free Shop in 2015 was selected for the first three duty-free shop operator Incheon International Airport, signed a contract to 2020, when more than half of business hours, Lotte Incheon Airport duty-free shops can be expressed removed intention。
Lotte Duty Free currently operating four store in Incheon Airport T1 terminal, the withdrawal of a part or full withdrawal, there was no specific decision Lotte。
  According to Korean media reported earlier, Lotte Duty Free Shop in mid-2017 due to the sharp drop in Chinese tourists, the deficit amount as snowball snowball, rent adjustments required Incheon International Airport Corporation。
Incheon airport but worried other businesses to follow suit, has not let go。 Since Lotte stores can not afford the high rents of the airport operator, Lotte consider withdrawal store。