Back to the origin of the article

Part One: Back to square one sage once said, everyone’s life, there are numerous origin.  Those origin or that we regret, or our happy, sad or we are like ships loaded with memories of a ship, draw from the river floating through life, heading for an unknown destination.The ship, has often been defined as the memories.  The origin of our lives, hidden in a gap in everyone’s brain, hidden in a casket.Sometimes, these small points we need to track to open with a key, this key need others to give, then by their own gently open the box carefully, and then a small point that string precious crystal slowly piece together carefully series, maybe, to become no more than the price of pearls.However, there are some poor track point, they are our ruthless forgotten, perhaps because they are light enough to shine, perhaps because they are too small to look.In short, they are removed by us become people do not know they do not know the mystery.  I often can not capture these tiny point lightly trace Hanhen time of frustration for me.  Some of my regret.In the origin, the axes that, I made a big mistake.Among the hasty, top of my lungs, I resented for today.I was in the hectic rush like killing people in general, and then to erase all traces of blood, relieved myself, I have absolutely no crime.Of course, life is not what I said so exaggerated, but my impulse to make mistakes, impulsive time with the waves of drifting away, I held the urge to waste time, the impulse to tear gold communication between people screen, telling myself, anyway, I will have no need of these.  Then I put that point freeze up.I wrote in my diary of the brain: a year, a month, one day, I made an unforgivable mistake today, I do not intend to save, so I enjoy the exposure of human evil.  Perhaps life is a series of small dots are so small point up Zouliaoyizao fill the gap, leaving a string of flashing light.Have a point of a track record in our every minute, as if physics experiments, RBI timer hit the point is always continuous, they are staring us in neat.  Look, my point in the second and hit a.  We always Hanhen something, large or small.Some because of work in a casual round loser error caused some learning in a range of opening and closing of neglect and pass out, some love in an unexpected derailment full stop for love, some youth in the air once the young try on drugs Sheng.  We quietly Hanhen of these things.In broad daylight Everyone is king of the world, running in their own way, and moving his feet, doing their own thing.Late at night on the occasion, ultimately, people always secretly crying, crying in front of the full moon missing life.  If everything can be back to square one.  If everything can be back to square one, we would rather Renxia anger at lest that also own a hundred days after begging, if everything can be back to square one, we will know the subtle feelings between people, if everything can go back to the origin of life is probably the full moon like it.  Unfortunately, we can not go back.  Some errors are brewing on the must swallow the bitter water, some errors, it is difficult to return the bungee rope.So we continue Hanhen forward, because in any case we can not turn back the time, we can not go back and fight our point mark, go back and re-write our diary.  Fortunately, we are a minute trace point.  Perhaps only to lose too know what it feels like to treasure.When we lose helpless, if one day regained, if one day find their own mistakes can remedy, if suddenly hesitated and found everything just a nightmare, we will again face now, we will re-write our life.  Fortunately, God closed a door for everyone, it will definitely re-open a window for him.This single minute played track point, all we regret the next time the mouth of the so-called origin.    Part Two: we are back to square one to hear news of her to come back, I did a few too excited to sleep at night, pulls out photo albums and diaries, carefully pondering every word and every line of the screen, as if it were a projector, I will be in front of her camera, scene after scene, he played slowly, back into the memories, huh, huh, I always like to giggle.  I remember the first time I saw her, not in a romantic afternoon, nor is fluttering in the autumn season.  Eighteen of the flowering season, always give the impression that a lot of memories, although sour, but real, real to you will never forget, do not want to forget, because it is the traces of a footprint of a parabola, the parabola the top, I met her.  Ignorant youth on a third-year junior high school, in an afternoon, and is a formulaic story one day, he hurried out of the classroom, he was a little faster, because the cafeteria at noon the day of the most crowded time, although the nose did not hang on a pair of glasses, but he could see up to 10M, hard ahead of him, and his classmates, straining to run the canteen, like a pack of hungry wolves.At that time, he was 10 meters from the local zero 1, wearing jeans, a pair of red slippers heroine appeared, she bowed, walked slowly seems to still put a hand to get what, the poor actor has not had time look, he quickly went to hit the girl, he has been unable to control himself, formulaic acquaintance.A coincidence, or?Sauna net Some people say that everybody is like a straight line, missed, it is always a parallel line, you go to you, I had my, you do not know me, I do not know you.Affinity, that is, two intersecting lines, intersection, you changed me, I imperceptibly you.  When he took her to the hospital, have been in the afternoon, but fortunately she was not badly hurt, just a leg fracture, like a hospital a few days, the difficulty is, who will take care of him too?She went to the field work, the family only elderly grandparents, and she has a younger brother, in elementary school, then who will take care of him?Does she still want to harm her hospitalized for observation of a stranger, a thick Lu, dark and thin boy to take care of it yourself?  He was stricken, had been sitting in a chair in the hospital corridor, head down, do not say anything, he put his monthly fee and pay the hospital, but he has no peace of mind, he was very anxious, seeing in the exam is approaching, the remaining little, he wanted to go back to homework, but retaining a scholar told him she did not come home, want to let him take care of her for some hospitals to contact her family.  He’d love to stay, but he did not dare to face her, he was afraid she scolded him, blame him, though he knew he must bear love, but he still have the courage, because he does not know what is male and what Yes.  However, I should go apologize to her right, after all, their right!I can go in the say what?I do not know her, in case the wrong thing, I will not make her more uncomfortable ah?Hey, why this was truly the story happened to my body?  Helpless, he went in hard head with the skin, into the room, the girl lying on the bed, his left leg in plaster hanging very high, although quiet, but she could see his face was sore.  ”I’m sorry, I was wrong, I was reckless, it was my fault, hurt you hurt like this, I’m really sorry, please do not be angry!You fight to criticize, please wait for you after a good hurt, I will not move!”His head down, loud enough, I do not know if she could hear, Kuihen, does not help.  A girl smoke a choking, crying, tears falling drop by drop pillow, “what’s the use curse you, hit you with what I take to walk, my bother anyone?I have any hatred with you, you do this to me ah?I do not know you!”He took care of her in three days, she and he did not say a word, he’d been saying I’m sorry, girls do not cry any more, but has been in sleep, she simply ignored her, nursing a scholar at the he learned that the girl named Yefang.