Awkward smoke

Although cigarettes do not belong to the list of drugs, but now smokers, especially those “drug addicts”, has gradually entered the “runnin across the street, people cry” situation.Because smoke unwelcome, and “drug addicts” who want to quit smoking is difficult, so there is the embarrassment of smoke, it is inevitable that the.    Some people say that tobacco is the Ming Dynasty when the country came from what Luzon, said that although this is a rumor, bad research.But classical novel “Three Kingdoms”, “Outlaws of the Marsh” in no case records of smoking, it is a fact.I do not know when, smokers became a blockbuster, it is worth pondering some of.I remember when I was young, my grandfather’s tobacco stems short and long tobacco stems grandmother.Their own point of a long tobacco stems vain, not necessarily the point Younger daughter or other Xiabei, this old lady showing Puer.    At that time, smokers can smoke embarrassing things first, did not smoke, and second, poor tobacco.When the smoke can not smoke, they use something called “bitter hemp child” instead of dried leaf weeds.”Ma bitter child” Ye smokes, there is an odor children, smoking people who think nose hair choke, mouth astringent, can be up smoking or non-pumping can not really “not guilty looking for sins.”.Good tobacco pay attention to “gray burning bright”, commonly known as low-quality tobacco leaf “to fire”!”To fire,” the meaning is not light, pumping twelve went out, had to fire point, a dozen times on a bag of smoke point, not just smoking, but “fire smoke”.This smoker is not the “living death” What?    Over the last decade, Daiguo rarely met, it shall be taken out of the swaggerroot.Riga cigarette into the spice, so full-called “cigarette”, and later add a filter that is able to detoxify, the price tag will go up.Mundane cigarette, a 20 yuan for those “Lo pot uphill —- money (before) tight” wage earners, but also enough distressed.So quitting more.In fact, smoking is a habit, but it is also really difficult to quit.Day without pumping, tears rolled down two days do not smoke, sleepless nights.Smoke this stuff, very humble child, but sometimes more than lovers still difficult to let go, no wonder Mark?Twain said: “quit smoking is not easy, I’ve done it a thousand times.”The hands of the money, they can not quit, so ‘to rely rub’, rub way is ‘stopping’, to wealthy people sit two hours, the non-annoying friend rub up.    The reason why despite repeated prohibitions of smoking, an important reason is that human accidents.They did not know this, handed him a cigarette, as if with feelings.I do not know when, cigarettes became an important gift, it was dubbed the “Twenty ring”.Some people say: “Twenty ring break out, you can conquer new territories.”Some people say:” send three GongDaShan, the heart does not work too tired.”When the smoke is said to have sent the guise inside into ‘dry’ —- renminbi, once spotted people out of this embarrassment to the crime.    Awkward smoke also reflected in the advertising, clearly printed “smoking is harmful to health” on cigarette packs.But it is more smoke cigarette factory of human thought, the more prosperous product sales!This is a large modern humor, or open an “international joke” It’s really hard to explain.Governments at all levels are clearly advocated quitting smoking, can reduce cigarette factory but could not see, and some cigarette factory also become increasingly deep pockets to fund a team without beating armor armor and can famed China, in order to enhance people’s health, in order to expand or cigarette production, but also do not understand a thing.    Awkward smoke also in smokers.Smoking in the elderly, sick pay someone deserves to be considered!Youth smoking becomes extremely awkward.They pocket money, the smokable cigarettes are all “high”, in order ostentatious, fitted out with a style like, who knows how to pack lies humbly beg the father and mother.As for office ladies to smoke, the sole purpose of “Gone with the Wind children play”, the lips curl cigarettes, to seek “gender equality” and still a couple heart to heart, is not good nonsense.But today most of the ladies do not smoke, but smokers deeply evil and pain of the disease.Ms. White-collar smokers have been looked down upon by the same surprising.Women who do not smoke at home even allow smoking husband, also often rushed to the toilet, which is really embarrassing to the “home” of the.    Smokers have entered an awkward position, a few years, smokers, it is difficult to take shelter in this world, I am afraid this is not fantasy.Because people gradually realized: determined to quit smoking is not difficult, both less fear of fire, and less harmful pollution of the environment, the body less matches, lighters cumbersome like, save what to eat is not fragrant, good drink?