Away Old Mill

Old Mill away each time returned to his home in rural areas, there is an indescribable feeling, mountain or childhood mountain, the mountain is still green, still feel so fresh and warm, flowing down from the mountains gurgling water of the creek is still, however, at the same time continue to broaden people’s horizons, the village is also a subtle changing, gray bricks and gray tiles tile-roofed house less and less, compared to the small building red brick for more, like with thousands of years of Chinese pears, like all the old village was then gradually disappeared over the years, the villagers used to use the old mill grinding, and now, no longer exists.    Way back childhood in rural home kind of innocence, think of it today, often still secretly laugh, at that time, I seem to be curious about everything, because I am curious, always attracted big people laugh, such as say, when I saw the iron wheels and ox-drawn cart, the grandfather would question around, why turn iron wheels?Why not wear shoes cattle ah?These questions will not get the big people directly answer, but will lead them laugh, it is in their laughter, I often get disillusioned.    However, my curiosity is satisfied when there are, it is with the grandmother together, that was my first time with my grandmother went to the production team to grinding mill, mill house is from the ridge of the thatched cottage, thatched cottage about 50 square feet, a middle Zhizhe stone wooden disc, disc above the intermediate position, sat cast by two vertical boulder stone, the upper side of the dish was cast stone two large holes, one with a rope a large hole through the carpal thick wooden bars fixed to the disc, the upper disc has also been cast two air leakage, then the above circle as thin wood, then pour crops like wheat or sorghum and then put in the donkey, and the donkey with a cloth blindfolded, call out “da”, he took the donkey millstone in mill Lane turn up, I asked my grandmother: “Why the donkey blindfolded ah?”Grandma”: the main fear of a donkey eating food on the disc.”I understood why a.Placing the corner of a mill made by the thin wooden boards large, middle wooden cross placed two square mugang her grandmother milled wheat on the disc, to a surface made of fine wood Rory an inverted, Luo put on the wooden staves “for hanging; linked to” the screen up, Soon the effort, a bag side was made, the production team skill to asses the ass go out and play a roll, at this moment, I am very curious to see the eyes, immediately he told me: “ass tired, play a roll it is to make it a break.”.I understand, livestock and people need a rest.    Later, in the village of stone mill into a power strip, and then later, a small village built a flour mill, a donkey old stone mill, became a generation’s memories forever…    Lu Siu Hang