Away memory

Part One: away memories went Square Park, is still the familiar lights, familiar people, familiar entertainment, familiar Square Dance.Lost count of how many days have not been to that place, not because the heart is not wanted, but it spilled over in a place of memories, I do not know how to pick —– there had been cheers, there had been a memorable.And now, but the vicissitudes of life like a withered old tree, with the rings, but no longer young!  Monument erected on a high ladder Square, always silent, those generations of heroes, all the time watching this city, the people of this city, this city of all.Think of the word: if we are together forever, but forever separated.  Nights are silent, and lonely nights is an exaggeration to hear a pin drop.Not because there is no sound, but sinking lonely heart will always remain in silence in the corner, I could not find a place to talk.  The mountain is still the mountain, still shortage is so dark, no street lights, only a few strands granny old man practicing tai chi with the radio came a faint light.Sitting on a marble bench is still a couple of all ages, comfort each other in each other, trust each other talk in the past, this life and the afterlife.  I, we, I and we have all these in the past, but after all the memories away, after all, can only stay.Play with bumper cars.Watch a movie together.Skating along the ice rink.Play with stadium.We went into the “haunted house”.I used to put a stop to, it is because these, these have come to an end.  Life is always going forward, and life is becoming better, but we are not forever young, youth is left behind memories.However, those who have already gone.Part two: those memories away rain whipped through the heart with this special day cruising.Pour in the past.  Memorable era shallots ignorant crush, hills, water, bamboo.Eleven inscription is indelible memories, lightly dance in a corner.  Remember the dead of winter, remember that withered vegetation season.This season because of the river and shallow, the water flows through this river slowly, stagnate cold winter.I meet with you in a foreign land and at home.After a cold front across the river a purposeless.Cold wind blowing in his face, not even a hint of chill.You and I talked about your home, and your catch off a hedgehog.Your distant home after your telling gradually clear.What a beautiful picture.Under cold moonlight, cute hedgehog, sunshine boy.Roadside withered grass, there are sparse litter.As soft Moonstone, under the overpass moonlight two young hearts gradually move closer to the water under the bridge is slowly, slowly drip.There are water fishing light, it was my uncle.I say.”Uncle,” I do not react, you slight northern accent pure and honest voice has sounded.I climbed up all of a sudden flush pale and cold Lianpan.Separated by two feet away, you can hear the rapid and forceful heartbeat.Sing a song, I love to hear you is good.To a “bon voyage” it.Thick northern accent singing in the night floating in the distance is scattered light, the light is a family harmony.Lamp, warm, heart, warm.Cold?You ask.cold!You took my hand tight to.Before I could react, already being in a wilderness.You drew near some of the dead branches rotten leaves, lit a bonfire.Fire in the night wind channeling Lao Gao.Against the background of two young and eager face under fire.The memory of that point raging fire burning in my heart.You leave in two years did not sterilized.Oh, the shallow edge Wife.Always so.Sauna net across the river of memory, beyond the memory of winter.In this special day, those people and things, those with shallow edge of the deep edge.Clear understanding of death as quiet time.  Memory fragments related to your sweet little.We have been very concerned about why the recall of the past too, has in the past with little.These things, if you, if these times with you.Now if I can warm a little more, if now I can quietly listen to your songs, your voice, quietly let the tears wet my eyes.It also happy.Less your past, your memory is always less stripped throbbing enchanted.  River indulge in memories of sweet-scented osmanthus golden years.Sinking tall sweet-scented osmanthus tree is already up no trace.The lodge is still in solitary dim memory winking.  Not repeat say, do not tell, not to tell.You run out of my life worried about the effort.Parting love my body, along with osmanthus annihilation.  But this festival never belong to me.I never belong to you!