Pu'er Pork teach you how to make good food Zhejiang cuisine

Pu'er Pu'er Pork Pork how to do it can be said on behalf of Zhejiang cuisine, mainly made with pork, I believe that friends have been eaten Zhejiang, Pu'er Pork how to do it together and see small series see the introduction Pu'er Pork how to do it!Pu'er Pork how to do raw materials: tea 10 grams, 500 grams of pork, ginger two, the amount of onions, 10 grams soft white sugar, about 5 grams of salt, oil 15ML (one tablespoon), cooking wine appropriate characteristics: the fat but not greasy meat fine tea taste – Pu'er Pork。
Operation: 1, pork rinse, if there is hair on the skin, then pulling with forceps, or a quick look on fire to the hair。
2, Pu'er After brewing water temperature of 80 degrees alternate。 3, the pork cut into about 2 cm square (the best time for meat is just meat frozen hard, but not hard and the best time to cut)。 4, good cut meat into cold water。
5, the water heated to open fire, the skimming Xuemo。 6, will turn off the heat, remove the meat。 7 Pu'er Pork how to do, pot into the oil, add soft sugar after burning troughs twelve hot, stir-fry until bubbling, this process is very fast, must be carefully observed, do not wait sugar dark, it will bitter。 So we'd better facilitate the observation light in color with a pot。 As shown, the pork with kitchen paper wipe moisture at 8, into the pot fry quickly。 If the sticky heat the pan of water in the meat must be extremely careful, very dangerous hot oil splattered it。
9, add salt, ginger, spring onion, cooking wine, soy sauce I added a little extra, you can not add too。