Away beads sound

Child, intellectuals know everything I know abacus.Abacus, that time is a common computing tool.    When I did not learn to use the abacus, a great admirer of those who expertly struck on the abacus beads, integrated digital.    Thinking, What a great invention.Four borders, a beam, a dozen stick, dozens of wooden beads tablets will be able to rule one hundred million digits.Human finger up and down toggle counting beads, digital was ready to integrate in the meantime, feel free to remove, leaving no trace.British scholar Joseph Needham called “Abacus is China’s fifth largest invention”.It is said that it painted an abacus on zhangzeduan Song Dynasty painting “painting” on the pharmacy counter Zhao Taicheng.Abacus culture has a long history, profound, I’m just little knowledge of twelve.    Sangu is the essence of a businessman won the abacus.She is the village peanut oil factory director, in charge of the factory ship purchase, payment collection, of course, can not do without thinking.I like to stand in front of Sangu, to see her in one hand and a pen in one hand and struck counting beads.Her eyes focused, correct posture, calm demeanor look deeply engraved into my mind, become for me a woman’s aesthetic.Lot numbers, smart Sangu by fingering counting beads, counting beads ups and downs, Pilipala become a Deshu, standing on the corresponding bit in the books are referred Sangu.I was obsessed with counting beads Sangu toggle sound, like a father obsessed with the sound of blowing water pipe, they each have their own rhythm, each with its own taste.    Farmers also need abacus.A few acres of sugar cane production team, we need to calculate the yield abacus.Captain farmers of intellectuals, he always proudly stood by the river, the green cloth bag out of the abacus, on the top beam large scale, villagers cane on the scales, the captain take notes under the weight, finally, each household will be calculated from a total number of sugar cane, the achievements of this season’s collection is finalized abacus.Call it a day, the captain of the abacus to the body rubbed back into the green cloth bag.    A child into the village’s small department store, the salesman always see abacus calculation.I was standing in front of the counter and stare at them, while their inventory of goods purchased by the customer, while contemplating on quickly dial a few beads, and soon reported total price.Those are my eyes terrific salesman intellectuals.Cabinets neatly arrayed new abacus colored, black, brown, brown, sizes.My head sideways, looking through the glass, staring at a favorite abacus, dreams of becoming its owner, who practice it day in, excel Abacus magic, command of one million large numbers.    Forgot started to learn that in elementary school grades abacus, just remember, when thinking on teacher pointing math book, and told the students to call parents to buy an abacus, I jump for joy.My father bought me the abacus is brown, sort of a small, sleek wooden beads.To protect the abacus, the father taped to the four corners of snapping.Holding abacus, I treasure.Since then, I have forged a deep love and abacus.    The first church on the abacus class, I learned that the abacus is not a trifling matter, it is of formulas, it is necessary practices.At first, only slowly toggle beads, one last look, the former want to be thinking.Computing a bunch of numbers, be patient, be focused, every game is calculated, hand and mind are used, it is a dance of the soul, not a kung fu cat with three legs manageable.    Gradually, I memorize the formulas abacus, fingers more sensitive.In the classroom, I always figure out the answer soon, but accurate.Abacus, inspired my desire calculation.When recess activities, I do not jump rope, do not hide and seek, like the abacus in practice.After school, I sat in the room, shut out the bustling and noisy, with your fingers struck wood beads, mobilize ten million numbers, walking in a small abacus, this very pleasant walk, as a small fish in sea cruising, the vast state of mind, nerve active; there are like dancing in the mountains, to provoke numerous vegetation and clouds, jumping and leaping, all worries were buried in the mountains, jumping and leaping, dusk pink clouds on the floor speckled.    Later, I do not know what the students taught me to play chess count in a long time, thinking of my free time playing with tools.Sitting under a tree in front of the Phoenix, with a good friend play chess counting beads, is a very happy thing.Childhood sun is warm, the time is ample, the mood is simple, we have endless leisure.I like to play with kids and fun games, mostly mindless games, puzzles and be counted game, pick up the abacus, he felt he was a literate person.I remember one evening, I took a small abacus to Hongjie home challenge.I had two years older than the small Hongjie are considered chess master, I defeated, could not eat that night was lost.So, I determined to devote themselves to study chess considered surgery, my mind naturally relatively spirit of it, after a period of practice, I beat a little Hongjie, but also against all the children around the next game count.Abacus, my sword, to accompany me through the period of high morale years.Later, I went to high school in town, gradually neglected abacus.I do not know when to begin, my thinking is gone.    Life never to rise several times gone through many times forgotten, abacus, and finally with my lopsided.Think about it, for more than two years without playing the abacus.On my desk, stood a long-term electronic calculator, which takes the place of thinking in my life.In my career as an accountant decade, electronic calculators is my good assistant.This is a technologically advanced age, this is an era of emphasis on speed, which is more important than the interests of a fun era.Reality tells me: I can not always hold abacus, like snail walking on top of the times.    Ten years ago, the son of kindergarten, to learn abacus.I bought a stationery shop in the little black abacus.Now, in my old things in the box, it has been preserved in this small abacus.    Today, I was finishing the old thing, it’s like a long-lost friend in front of me, face the vicissitudes of life, and I have nothing to fall back flow of time and brilliant youth.I rightly sits at his desk, chin in one hand, a hand stroking a long absence, counting beads, toggle slowly counting beads, heart a little confused, stiff fingers, remember formulas, like a man walking on the trail on, tune while reading the years thousands of miles, while feeling years of relentless.    Abacus as stationery, lost its practical value.    People using electronic calculators every day, almost forgotten relationship with the results of the process.Has anyone thought about the process of calculation is spiritual life, it can go beyond the result, the appeal.A man calmly, patiently calculated on the abacus, is a survival attitude, is a self-pay amount.Need to understand mathematical calculations, the result is important, more important is the cultural connotations.    Taking advantage of next month Delicate, like the ancients, like a cup of tea, sit by the window, struck counting beads, ears, heart and sometimes self-assured, sometimes dancing.Here, there is a culture in support of life, interpretation of the charm of life.    Autumn speckled study, I miss sitting in the window and thinking Goes.