Await your return

Part One: Maple Leaf situation, I come back to you in grief medium-autumn chill, maple desolately, thoughts of the heart has never changed.Return visit, deep gratitude, love for you has not changed, just the wind blowing through the leaves, remember your black hair, eyes honest, that fiery heart, ah, burning your love for autumn.Rain whirling, dream a few years, at the horizon, can be placed soul?!Sound sigh, tear drops, painful dreams in.  And you first met, autumn maple forest, then you young and lively, sparkling eyes, a hint of laughter in The red smear, in my direction, silvery laughter floated full of innocence, came thick thick innocent.Streets full of light, crispy sound of maple at your feet, snapping, you follow the light footsteps, like fire burning youth!Your cool, you face the sun, you Qingcui stepping sound, there is a spring also incomparable charm, deeply attracted me.I head towards you, politely asked: “Miss, take the liberty to ask a question, you also do to reward Maple?”” Yes, you are ah?Then we enjoy it together?!” ‘I’m not afraid of you bad guys” you’re wearing our school uniforms, he would hold a camera, how would the bad guy?”I looked at my school uniform, silly feeling prickly hair, huh laugh.  Minded, congenial personality, we have a fire like passion, treat the cause of serious, something bold decisions quickly, resolutely.Due to the Maple Leaf, we met, met, fell in love.The river of time will Sentimental youth away, the result is a mature you and me.A maple leaf-like woman, Qi ears, short hair, justice and gentle eyes, capable physique.Lead by example, strict law enforcement, and the principle is the pursuit of your life.As the Commission for Discipline Inspection, you never miss any crimes clues, but also from any injustice will not be a good person, you are serious about yourself, tolerant of others, their family, you too conscious guilt.  Another year of red maple, we take time, back to the place of acquaintance.Hills are covered with maple, as brilliant and spectacular.However, a piece of gold, but with a sad and dazzling colors.You wearing a maple leaf red coat, his hands in his pocket, heavy and slow heels tapping on the ground, producing a low and heavy sound.We walked on, you stopped and looked up, pick a red maple leaf, facing the sun, its lines look.Your eyes misty with tears, I know that you see is a blur of gold, in sad tears, has been rippling, that is what you want to search for the color, it is ten years you put up with hardships for children pay, it is your child full of hope.You are remembering, with regret, deep guilt and remorse.I know, because I also tasted the taste of lost loved ones, I also facing the Maple Leafs this cover up their grief.  Your tears finally welled up in the eyes, hot, from the corner, quietly slipped.You’ve been head high, not easily low, I know, I see you are afraid, afraid to arouse my sorrow.Tears, shed more than drops on your hands Maple Leaf, “da, da, da,” Yes, I heard the sound of it, is so heavy, there are hundreds and hundreds of kilograms of weight on your chest, that Maybe more than a tear, you should still heavy pressure in the chest like a large stone.  I know, hello regret, guilt is good, good grief, good pain, defeat the college entrance examination, the child give up on themselves, ending his own life, you will be the responsibility of all blame on himself, my wife ah, how much you want to carry a person the burden of a person to withstand much pressure ah!I just like this pain, I regret it not so, as a father, as a man, as head of the family, but can not afford to save her daughter’s life, there is no ability for you to share shred!  ”You do not cry, you are a dead man is not the child’s fault, my fault too many, you see the Maple Leaf, it should be your brilliant style, sunny straightforward, earnest dedication, you can feel this piece of yellow maple leaf color is your heart it?The way, you also need to gorgeous dark unhealthy practices, which is the color of our children left, she looks at you in the sky!”You cover in this piece maple long heart, head on my shoulder, eyes closed, leaving a long, long time tears.  I think, perhaps overtaken by events, time will make you forget the grief slowly.But the way you go to disaster relief, but never came back, never!Because tired of the long, irregular work and rest, busy, you had lung cancer, but why do not you tell me so?Why are you so good and strong, insist on it for the villagers put up a tent in the rain?Why to quell the discontent, struggling in the rain you would rather tell the truth do all sorts of?For the party, this loyalty, in order to.You leave me, I leave this fall, I went to fill our memories of Maple Grove.Patches of golden, begins to heart, your heart is made of gold, bright shining as the sun shining; red red red, loyalty can watch, your heart is red flame group for the country abandoned his family, party and the people of the world can be a loyal table!  But ah, my wife, can you stop and look back at me and the children, even if only one visit, I know, not what you do not read the heart, not what you do not care, but you have a kind of born with autumn to the mission, you are obsessed autumn, obsessed with good things, when you’re young; you love autumn, love your career, when you are middle-aged; you die for the autumn, in order to safeguard the interests of the people die, you lose daughter of that year.  My wife, where to place your soul?I think the best place for you is this piece is full of meaning of life, the value of life, right Maple Grove!    Part Two: After you come back every day of hot weather up, when the body of water have been drained all the fiery sun, this season, this really is not suitable for wet emotional thoughts.But some ignorant thoughts, or it will disturb people uneasy, restless.Some feelings always thought that there is continued opportunity, so he casually stranded there, missed the chance to sail the tide until weathered decay, can only really ran aground on the coast of the memory side, listening to the ebb and flow a little heart a little break anymore voice.When did I lose you, it is a period of time beyond the memory of it?In between is a time inadvertently after waving it?Or confusion in his eyes when the flowers?  Over and over again to refresh the space, who will read you, who care about you and want to go?Line by line looking at the message, who’s happy like summer sun without shelter stopped; who miss the rain like a rose shy; who’s sad crying like a baby unbridled; who put a smile, who in making a fuss?We had the brilliant youth, but in such a loss slowly lost the original pure color.We are always busy nightlife net doing we think a very important thing; we are making a living from morning to evening with; we grow old with time is not only a face, and sinking once passionate heart.After hit by a brick wall, we learn to give up the so-called.We started to find all sorts of reasons for their cowardly; we began to suspect that the shelf life of love; we began to feel that heaven is the greatest absurdity.  Those who loved hurt all over again will again tell you not to believe there is true love, and when they repeat over and over again with these lies, these lies than the truth so people also willingly.They hurt in the name of love of love, and then only tell you to let go, only calm, only free and easy, it can be in an invincible position in the mortal world.  They are no longer willing to Oneself, it should also topple the Emperor’s courage and boldness of vision; they no longer have the grinding 000-1000 Kennedy also strong, Seoul, the East and West Wind stubborn and persistent; they only see the mountain heavy water complex without grief and despair of the road, how could experience vista of surprises and wonderful.They come in a difficult time, not like a warrior, like to fight, but chose without a fight, but also the United States, saying it is not the success of Heroes.  So lost his will that fearless youth to stay in wasted time, so that the innocent face of a girl and a crossroads, and then stop someone said: the left, to the Right, the forward, the.However, they forget that each person’s happiness can not be copied, just as each person’s pain is not the same paste.Do you always take the damage to obliterate our happiness, if you really like it loneliness and loneliness as partners Well, if you really like calm and unmoved went well.We could be on your eyes just foolhardy Mangfu, we could be on your mind so it just ignorant fearless.But it is the youth ah!Pounding heart, warm heart, stubborn heart!Never give up, refusing to bow.In fact, if they really suffered a crushing defeat and how, big deal all over again!In fact, if they really destroyed and how, at least we loved, the letter before, we did not live up to entrust love.  Sometimes, really do not need a lot of sweet talk, just short of two words: you get back, we have covered all the feelings.  I lost faith, lost their own, no matter how far away lost, we must remember to get it back.