Avalokitesvara Mei

I love roses, only thorns roses love it.    This cluster rose tree has been for many years, and I can not remember when planted.Just remember daunting branches covered with spines, children do not want to touch, I do not want to hear his name.    They quietly hiding in the lawn after school in the road with holly, abandoned in a corner, far perspective the center of the garden “Enchantress” were the scenery goes by, silent.No one ever raised, who also dismiss.    Recently, I do not know where that Rosa had enough strength sudden release, straight from Holly to come forward with a throw to succeed, grow special wang solid, bright red flowers open outside enchanting score, refreshing.Flowers, bees and butterflies in groups, bustling, bustling!    I suddenly realized, too, that they will eventually eclipsed the Kwan Fong, eventually will make you startled eyes, and you will eventually convincing.    I finally could not resist the temptation of that enchanting, this move towards them, they favor.This cluster flower laughed, though silent, but laughed nines, lovely.Soon, the campus boiling up, full of people, stop obeisance, all wreathed in smiles.With so many unfamiliar look, warmly met for the first time, although it took a frightened pet if flushed, but still so generous nature.They stretch lightly so many arms, dancing with a beautiful face, is simply a manifestation of the Goddess of Mercy cast down to earth!Obviously, at the moment it took his body had completely forgotten the sting, which seems so happy, serene.    Saw their manners, I always felt that it is simply a lead dancer Tai Lihua’s “Avalokitesvara” shape.This dance is beautiful, Rosa’s world, too; it touched the dance world, so beautiful can also Rosa.Because it is the world’s favorite lover, is the world’s lover, I always think so.If they do not listen to the announcer introduced the Spring Festival party host, you incredible own eyes, this dance was actually a group of deaf people stepping beautiful melody created, and there is a group of life long pain prickly beauty, suffering in silent world loneliness and pain in suffering out.Rosa is it not so amazed it!So it is with things!Because of its beauty and flowers covered with ugly barbed always been inseparable.So, you do not just enjoy their beauty, forget the flowers quills, beware of “stab” You.Visible, hole out things, should have such a pessimistic attitude.    I love these bright red roses, they also love the sting.