Part One: Man wanted in the autumn of autumn breeze threw herself into his arms, to bring a little coolness, willow on the side of the road, not long ago a lush, carried by the wind stood slightly yellow leaf branches on the ground, a strip thin yellow leaves, from afar, in the case of gold generally do.  Inadvertently, the fall has been nearly half, while on the bed, white mosquito net has not taken off.Suddenly realized between, I have not before going to bed to catch up mosquito nets in a long time did not wake up in the morning, found his body there are a lot of red spots, I got up and saw the corner of the nets, only to stop down with a belly drum mosquitoes drum, could not bear to kill, open the mosquito net, put it released the.  Frankly, I’m not used this fall in the South, Yu Dafu speaking, a layer of a layer of cold autumn rain, however, there was no autumn, there are only constant throughout the year Jiang Feng and sea breeze.Here, feel the taste of autumn, because the seasons are not so clear, unless one day, suddenly saw all the leaves fall off the window, you will be aware of the autumn has come.In addition, there is no special feeling, unfortunately, often you just feel the presence of autumn, not enough time to taste some Autumn, winter has come.  Autumn home and this is not the same call to the family, saying that these two days is raining, rhythm, under the intermittent, two days before the time at home, have been required to wear a thick morning coat, and it’s the hottest time of noon, still need to wear a thin jacket, to prevent illness, “Su asked the Golden real speech” records to: the autumn air, the sick in the shoulder.So, cold insulation is essential health needs.  Four Seasons home is very clear, especially in the fall, first with one of the elephant is a symbol of the harvest in autumn.Secondly, on the side of the road, piled thick dead leaves is a testament to step up, like a layer of carpet General.Finally, stronger evidence is that the open hill and dale Little Huangshan chrysanthemum, and like countless opened his eyes, looked like a small speaker countless singing, really, “until the autumn to September 8, after the flowers I flowers kill “.  The time spent, compared to only two categories can compete, one Qiugui, the other is that the mountain daisy, there are similarities in the two spent colors that are yellow, on the scent, Qiugui the flavor is full-bodied sweet gas, and arnica aroma is fresh and pale gas.A commonality between them is plain, aromatic calm, no one pay attention to the time spent quietly opened, the fragrance exudes slowly, in quiet no sound, flower gradually fade, do not leave a trace.  I remember little of the time, the school will organize once we fall camp, in fact, go where we usually also go, that is not really some of our sights and attractions around town, at least in terms of the time is not really the.However, no matter what, we still expect very, kind of desire and hope is now can not understand how, when a child’s mind, always so lovely and elusive.  Eleven time at home, also had a fall camp, about a dozen people, are their own, we are carrying pot, with food, with a tool, in the Buddhist College brook side to start the meal, pick up the dry burning firewood, cook the water ditches taken with chopsticks branches do, drinking wine, eating meat, everyone talking and laughing, playing the whole day.However, I do not know why, hearts always feel something missing, under presumptuous smile, but hidden deep inside trace of bitterness.  Such a picnic in my high school had a time, and several partners are on the village we go, five or six similar age junior partner, carrying a pot and cooking materials, came to the valley across the top of the Patriarch out, we cook vegetables in the ditches, the girls in charge of cooking, and we boys do, is responsible for catching crabs, because to that time, we found that there are too many crabs, it happens to be sunny, a lot of crabs out of the water in the sun, and when everyone was thrilled, I was the first time that the crab is so good catch, pick up shells on the beach like a general, direct control, we caught a lot with us with a little oil to the bombing case, although there is no restaurant now do so color, flavor and taste, but we felt it was really delicious supreme.At that time, also for the first time to eat a fried instant noodles, sister whim, only to find the original instant noodles can eat this, but this is so delicious to eat.Three in the afternoon time, we have a pedestrian, carrying pot, singing all the way back home, all my heart is flattered.  Children dream of the past had gone to waste, buried in a corner of the years.Cost of growth that we have to face what we have never thought, illness and death of pain began to slowly allows us to appreciate their loved ones away from us one by one, like autumn leaves, although there are not very homes, but still, with nostalgia toward the embrace of Mother Earth.The remaining lonely themselves, such as the bare branches, getting in the cold wind, shivering.    Part II: the cool autumn with the cool waves of the wind, hot weather finally came to an end, the cool weather happily boarded her long-awaited stage, in people’s eyes began to look forward to the interpretation of autumn cool.Nightlife Network Sunday afternoon, his wife took his son to the streets to buy clothes.Playing word a day at the computer, I went to a man missing for several days Yanhe.River, or the river, although there is no summer torrential momentum, but still quietly flowing; road, or that way, although there is no spring Yingge Swallows, but also that there are a few magpies in Montreal golden foraging; vegetation, vegetation or those who, although has not seen the summer of lush, leafy camphor visible but his voice still stand in the autumn.Autumn wind, blowing Yanhe vegetation, as they put on a autumn; autumn, cool, and the woman as if a muscle that is nestled next to me, a loving kiss my face; autumn, elated Pentium over the field by the river, all the fields have turned into golden.Baiyun also obsessed with so attractive autumn, away, like – ice Juesu white fairy in the blue sky leisurely wander.Autumn-off, it seems came the waves of grain fragrance.The river which patches of crops, looking ahead, like rippling golden waves.If look at the past, presumably to see that delightful scenery: Rice happy to have stooped, sunflower beaming; corn laugh, pumpkin Manmianhongguang.Once upon a time, I fell in love with the river road, Yanhe love autumn – is not it?Autumn is not only cool, but also mature.If not in the fields with the farmers harvest rich fruits friends, but often can be seen on the river road, and that for many years the vicissitudes of dark carved his face shine with the joy of harvest; even if you do not see the harvest scene, but often you can see Land in the spring and summer in the shadow of hard work, and now even appeared in dazzling elderly drum team; even hear the threshing machine cheerful songs, but it will in the river road, inadvertently, think simple and honest and simple country girl written on his face when harvesting crops comfortable.Autumn, is a considerate girl, depicting born with a cool shot of beautiful finger.And autumn heartily embraced, despite her caress me, kiss me, silently between, mind blowing: the hard to the autumn wind, slow down the pace of a hurry about, so tense mood to relax properly; put yesterday’s troubles to the autumn wind, to the busy vacation mood, so today’s move turned into a smile; everything unpleasant to the autumn wind, forget all the pain, cherish now have, so that ordinary life is always relaxed and happy in.Unconsciously, a stroll from the river road to home.His wife and son had bought clothes with a satisfied smile back, but also bought a lot of things, rewarding experience.  Cool autumn, harvest.Part III: Falling leaves in the autumn when autumn comes, the cold wind entrainment coolness, save a little bit of the plot thoughts, perhaps just for that after this moment.To miss a drop like autumn leaves, the wind drift, drift to the far distance.  Long time no written text, and pick up a pen full of words.Letterhead filled up my mind, I wiped away the traces of the years.I was left to struggle footprints that years.I know that everything is so casual, I have to know my future fate.Because fate is in my hands.  Perhaps the leaves in the autumn wind is blowing share is sad.No, I wrote Yes indifferent and relieved.I’m happy for myself, floating leaves only to find direction.I feel pleased that I was in the autumn, to find the most loyal of my spiritual sustenance.I think no matter whom, or for myself.I will this of my life goals.  I live a fulfilling day, as well as my share of sustenance from afar.I’m tired and happy life, I think I should insist, insist.When forming a habit, and then form my destiny.  My fate will be in my hands, I work hard for myself!    Part Four: swaying in the autumn wind blowing autumn memories, sent slightest cool earth, like having blown autumn beauty, autumn.Blue sky, a touch of the sun, let your mind wander and long.  Always like this quiet beauty of autumn, my four seasons in the fall, there is a special kind of deep feelings.Walking in fine, clear autumn day, my heart will always be no reason to give birth to a faint hint of melancholy and sadness, a touch of beauty and tucked dash.Every fall season, this feeling will be unexpected, perhaps, this seems to have become a habit.  Thoughts swirling, floating a different kind of feeling, swaying in the autumn wind, freeze into a beautiful picture depicting.  Hometown small farm house, afternoon autumn sun shining softly.I quietly sat on a small stool in front of childhood reveries bow…Autumn is a busy home season, farmers busy with the joy of harvest in the fields, orchards.I can not help for young farm field strength of what busy, he was staying at home every day, take care to dry in the yard of whole grains to chase away birds peck them to chaos.For their families assigned to this gravy train, I reluctantly.Huge yard quiet, nothing to do with who I stay home.Facing the full House of harvest: golden corn, red sorghum, soybeans full, heavy ears of corn..I do not do anything, always I like to sit quietly wooden bench in the courtyard, and looked down at the ground what the sparrow pecking a little bit, looked up to heaven, gazing at the clear sky and floating white clouds, misty heart numerous poetic fantasy.Occasional wild geese flying over head, issued the call out tragically.The face of the silence of the courtyard, I actually feel young trace a hazy sense of sadness.One kind of fall brings me beauty, a lonely beauty sentimental, and to that end deeply touched.  In the bumper harvest, fruitful autumn, I also bring the joy of the harvest of their labor.Spring planting harvest, sunflowers spring when I point at the fence four weeks planted vegetable gardens, after I took good care of a summer, he has now gained maturity.In his father’s help, he will be around in the garden around the sunflower Yi Keke cut down from the base.I began to busy Kang Hui Yi Keke nearby homes, sunflower plants of up to two to three meters thick and tall and straight, with a large faceplate top knot, I can only anti-a young.To and fro, I enjoy this tireless bustle between the home and garden, tired but happy.Anti-back home sunflowers, the top of the faceplate head cut off one by one, knock upside down when reserved for winter leisure After air drying at eaves eat.Looking at a head and a big sunflower full of sunflower seeds inside, my heart indescribably happy.At that time, I have learned to bring full and happy labor.  Memory ups and downs, beautiful and memorable.One afternoon in the fall of that year, we first two days (three) class Youth League organized a mountaineering activities, to two kilometers from the school of scenic Phoenix Mountain climbing.To the foot of a mountain, where the scenery was fascinated, coincided with the fall of the Phoenix Mountains, autumn, leaves mountain.We wander in brilliant red leaves trails trail, across the red maple leaves, everyone chasing each other, pick a variety of shapes beautiful Maple Leaf.Autumn wind blowing gently, softly sun shining, the sky was clear, the share of pleasure, since I clearly feel.In a large rock at the beauty of the hillside, or we sit, or rely on, together pictures of the occasion.I treasure fond memories of this picture, has come up time point of view, we can see the photo neotenous I stood in the front row of the collective, leaning against a large rock, natural and comfortable posture.Not only lament the passage of time, many years have passed flash, feel that he will enter the autumn of life.  In the cycle of the seasons, the fall is a.I was in the care of his family, left home, set foot on the train south, all the way to the field study, childhood spoiled me from leaving the familiar village, to a strange environment to adapt to another new life, learn to face the outside world, since the first step towards an independent life.  Stay after graduation to work in different places, in a fall, I returned home again.Standing hometown of autumn, I tried to find the memory of the fall, although the beauty of autumn in front of the home are still excited me, but even if I how hard to find, there is no way to find the kind of feeling before.I suddenly understand that the passage of time, something in quietly changing, such as mood, age, world and so, so, after the murmur of a relieved sigh and.  The memory of the fall, there is always a indelible memories.How many profound childhood memories, backgrounds freeze in the fall, has become my life, scenes of warm picture, a nagging memory of the past.Today, the farther away from my home, and getting out of my sight.I now stay at Fantasy autumn, the entire fall collection.The fall of the fairy tale in a miss picking up in the years of aging, the past bit by bit into a piece of filter memories, treasured in my heart.    Part five: Autumn’s father in such a scenario long gone, but often calm down, that autumn will figure on my mind.  Late summer, the northern cold wave suddenly struck, temperatures plunged a lot, also followed his mother’s phone, and has asked me to take more clothes, I said go home and get the weekend.No two days, the end is not assured mother, called to say his father to come down to the way the clothes were brought over blankets.  So my father came.  Father to the fountain just give me the phone, I looked down from the window, wearing yellow uniforms on the father, is a lower body black trousers, and a pair of old shoes, looking down from above, not difficult to find his father’s head there are many on hair loss, although not become the Mediterranean, but to see such a scene can not help but also the hearts of whom Yi Chan.Along the right side of the elevator, walked down the stairs, turned around, get into the hall, through the Office of the column, to see his father standing on the edge of the crescent-shaped fountain, wearing more bloated, autumn breeze, the body flick, hit a shiver, a snakeskin bag lying on the ground, eyes going to the side of the hall looked, his father and his face yellow wax, taper face, eyes to the still somewhat shiny, but when standing face to face, my eyes began to blur, Since the taper face, obviously I can feel the hidden share in the bloated body slim.  Father from the age of sixteen to start a business, to feed their families, has not yet started a family in charge of the whole family.My father and I talk and mother say when married reason: “At the time that needs a man a woman to take care of home” in the 1970s as a difficult years, raised a family that is kind of tough, from his father’s “need” two words can be seen.The married mother brought home a lot of help, a few years the family had enough money to do a new house, so he began to choose the foundation, to buy material, please help, everything is not smooth sailing, at that time, later recalled the mood at the time of his father said: “sometimes nothing or a bad mood, went to a new home base at night to sit, take a piece of land, may at the time of the heart, but are rows of houses”, where the desire hardships known only to themselves.  The fate always seems to make life difficult for his father, in the building when the mother due to overwork on the case, the treatment process is very complicated, and that in this case, building a brick and down, all the circumstances in a test of a thirty-year-old man, his father did not give up, wore with great pressure, then braved the huge debt was successfully moved into a new house.Until years later, the face of it this should be a red brick wall, when telling this story since, his face still difficult to hide his share of grief and excitement.  In the years after the building, as a father, a farmer of part-time business to maintain a household, the day seems so dull, Costa Rica 14 years ago dropped out of school, join the army, his father thus began a wandering mind, often see him listen to “wandering song” when the dark from tears, only to find all the suffering undergone tempered nor bow to the strong man will be so weak side, but did not touch nothing easy.  Our brothers and sisters grow up in writing on paper today just simply to a few words, but for a while the father is the vicissitudes of history, in recent years, as we grow three siblings, the family situation have a good day day, a wedding is one attached, and in this time, the father unwittingly into the autumn of life.Determined to let the three of us went to enjoy a happy life, rogue powerless, his father still bear the main beam at home, plays a pivotal role.Especially the elderly grandfather three years ago, the father of a person depends on the care, get up two or three times every night, even from my two little nephews, his father a good sleep in the last few years have not slept, every thought of this, my heart is not always good feeling.  My father did not stay, asked the two got into the car and hurried home, watching the car pull away, in my mind if they see the back of his father’s hard work, pick up a pen point I thought of a few days ago at home when I read the essay to his father, “Mid-autumn essay” father choking scene, tears glistening at the moment, I seem to have seen that in the howling autumn wind, wearing yellow uniforms, black trousers, trembled with cold father.