Autumn, cats and other

Last night the radio was complaining this fall no rain, woke up early in the morning, lying in bed, clearly hear the rhythm of the rain.What a coincidence ah come this autumn!    I do not know how kind of cat, as well as its raw dog pups?Got up and came to the balcony, through the curtain like the rain, in the garden carefully search their shadow.Mi Zaza pomegranate tree in the garden among green leaves, a few ripe pomegranate twilight with a few mottled red light in the dark; the already shriveled withered gourd vines, twenty-three Younger, have not yet yellowed leaf drip filled with soybean-sized raindrops; beside the fence, cat foot trampled Qiniubawai pumpkin leaves in the rain seems to stretch back up.Trace missing cat.Maybe they are not equal larger rain, hid in the balcony below, or drill into the yard where cars are parked, then, is it comfortable to sleep.    This is a very clean born Wildcats.Bright white hair, back of the head to the haunch of a yellow leopard, showing two points sturdy, although only cat, walking, spandrel arched, covered in a no fat, just simply a cartoon tiger.It is noted that more than two years ago, spring night, the Wildcats estrus sounds heard all night.At that time, wasteland just behind the house surrounded, set aside for the small garden, the wife of the Wildcats especially beware, lest they quietly slipped in, trampled the garden of flowers and vegetables.When the first crop grow loofah, from time to time to see that the cat dragged his belly in the yard deterred, there is often only a black cat lying next to the trash can, dig something like fish bones to eat to it.What a loving young couple ah!The yard of the children sometimes take the initiative to feed them, he went to alert black cat trees, cat and then sheepishly picked up without food, squat in the middle of the road, eat alone.It seems that it is spoiled, even the people are too lazy to care about.    Before last year’s fall, the rain rolling, hospital o the road to the construction of fast-track, the roar of the machine after another.Production period coincided with the cat, the cat with a cat mom dad I do not know where to go hide, the entire fall and winter have not seen their shadow.This spring, the garden fence next to his wife planted a pumpkin, shipped to the site near the brick to two vehicles, surrounded a small piece of a small vegetable garden, were planted tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.In May, pumpkin vine out a full 45 meters along the ground, covered with emerald leaves on a thick oily branches, ground and other dishes are also not too long to the ankle.Suddenly one day, watering wife back, slightly alarmed to tell me: “our family ground into animals, vegetables have been stepped up.”I went to the garden to look, and sure enough, the top of the fence was broken two, opened a small hole in the south Guayang wander the earth eggplant.Initially, we suspected the yard where households keep dogs restless, ancestry disaster.Until noon of the day, he came home from work, suddenly saw in the warm sun, being the cat curled up on the hood of a car, while lazily basking in the sun while out pink tongue licked body.I subconsciously looked at four weeks, but not black, nor kitten.Is it only Chanmao nostalgia cuisine at leaving spouses and abandoned children he slipped back?    Crape myrtle flowers when pomegranate red.My son and holding a pole to reach the maximum of a few to eat that Shujian.When is the best of spirits, at the foot of a sudden “meow” sound coming.Looking down, yeah, a robust yellow and white kitten with two little claws, hard hug from a fall to the ground pomegranate.Mother cat in San Sibu far away, sitting on a red pepper, with kind eyes watching his children, did not realize that they broke into the garden of my house, being a little damage.Son holding a bamboo pole to get rid of the cat, I stopped a.After the summer, heavy rains, weeds overgrown garden, and we busy with work and family, too busy weeding, irrigation, garden had become Fei Yuan, being so, then why not offer it to a shelter for the mother cat for this.    Autumn still lingering down, and the raindrops turned into rain line.The big cat with a kitten curled up on the garden terrace next piece rain the place, looking out daze.They are prepared to spend the winter here yet?