Autumn Yi

Part one: Autumn Love Xiao Yi past the bitter cold wind, crescent pray round, revealing sad, send full Acacia, who blew the sounds of autumn?Who ran aground dream boat?And who inadvertently left a ray of love?Heart wind drift, silent look Huashan, meditation moon, again quietly picked up the share of loneliness, it seems kind of gone commitment of induction.  To recall the past, the years also smoke.Love can not go, it has been rooted in the depths of memory; not go with love, it has been turned into soul go hand in hand.We do not seek to have you, just Lianzhao you; do not ask you the favor, only hope and then look back and understand this world there is a person deeply in love with you.Even if at the moment unsealing memory of the heart, there is a faint ghost, I would be content just to try to love written into the last chapter of my life, turned into a never-ending thoughts.  Red Road, wind and rain situation, get rid of some dream, always quiet Love Wife.This is not to forget?This is not a hands-off?Once upon a time, through the number of Red Road, experienced how much rain Love.Do the right front screen, Acacia pain, I do not know how to write on, also do not know how to end, under the pen again stranded memories, so stare meditation, a little soul will melt in the memories.  Read Akiba, looking for bits and pieces of love yesterday, lifted a glimpse of the memory that you gaze.Late autumn is indifferent parting, friends, inadvertently touched a pair of fiery eyes, face feel some heat, perhaps for the first time penetration of burning eyes accommodate a bar!I can not help avoid the gaze is so, calmly looked away, my heart was adding a little messy.  Feel destined to encounter each other, if missed will not see a pair of gazing, if you missed the meet will not leave cyberspace, never to see the loved one again, if you would not have missed this affection, it will not stay under a deep scar.Perhaps the wrong red string tied drunken joking, so I got in so deep in the Red Swamp Road.  After several exchanges, no one has a real step across, perhaps continue to play in the pre-existence period of the residual margin, perhaps this life that there robbery.Ever since leaving the city, gradually dilute the minds of communication, a sense of melancholy thinking locked.I understand that this is a devoted all the feelings of fate, we must travel with friends disappear horizon apart feeling difficult to continue?Is it really nothing exciting, quietly ending it?  Not read the slightest affectionate message, you see the footprints deep network, without words, I understand this walk, love each other will also end, and I know this is the end of time, barely to no avail.A strong sense of loss I feel quick collapse, repressed tears rapid flock fundus.  Under clear Moon, Piaomiao a thousand mountains, trees and veil, somewhat hazy, adding to the quiet moonlit night.I still staring blankly at the sky, slowly read a word memory bit love, the heart has long been unstoppable cramps, felt a drop of cold over the face, the wind hit the falling dust, whether this love will be with the dead?I do not know?  This autumn, I’ve been thinking about you, distant you may have seen, these petty ancient text, and how deep?  Against the wind, thinking of you shouting Yoshina, facing the month, tell my heart unrequited love, the idea of Arcadia floating leaves filled with my love, imagining south Yan Qiao build your roof, full of Acacia leaves, only you to read, Yan Department of love, only you can sentiment.  Against rain, memorable story under the umbrella; against the clouds, looking for the charm of autumn, prayer never get out of Dai Wangshu Rainy, hope will not be repeated Lu broken love War, I think of you, eye socket is always wet; soul only you get out of sight.  I want to use poetry to express my love; want the truth, prove my infatuation.Where appropriate, to come up with every word of the poem to let you read, let the years Feng knife ruling I love you.This does not regret heart, bones something only you know; this love is immortal, not moving a lightning shake leave quietly.  Yi Zizi affectionate fixed in this cyberspace, the slightest Acacia melt in this nib memories, meditation, deep thoughts placed life, life care, love life.    Part II: Yi autumn and autumn, a tree, a tree with yellow leaves in autumn, I do not know how are distant grandfather in heaven?  Grandfather looks on now, is a standard-looking man, tall and nearly meter eighty, did not humpback, are in a dignified appearance impression of the way, the sun is slightly flushed cheeks, did not block color the white, perennial short flat head Chende face increasingly spiritual, never small pair of small eyes never seem tired, my grandfather had in place, always hear his hearty laughter, the white teeth I envy him a long stare, his body feels something endless efforts.Now think about it, he must also have a number of children to be tired.  Grandfather during summer wear white denim coat, not the kind of sleeves, a chest plate buttons small platoon leader, often unbuttoned; winter wear a black sheepskin cloak, I do not know the source lining, hand-sewn clothes on a surface mother.I remember when it was this coat, my mother extravagant seats on the ground, than it, draw it, my grandfather also tried to take off, off to try again, I then worked tirelessly to sit and watch, listen, if it is an extremely valuable items.After my grandfather’s death, this coat has been on my house, I think one is a souvenir, the second is inseparable from the mother’s intentions.As long as my grandfather put it, like a new person, a lion is simply a.  Mom nine brothers and sisters, the eldest, away from her family is so close, coupled with my father to work out, my grandfather a little big or small, we go out into the home run, and our family has become almost to his home, when farm work is busy, grandfather always make two uncles to help, which dare not come, my grandfather would get angry, they came, and I tried to entertain them, cook always be my living, I was the boss ah!Nightlife Network is probably every child has a childhood love plot grandmother, and I am no exception.Almost a kid growing up in his grandmother after school, every Sunday is a must.Then each production team all around sweet potato seedlings, a pit is dug in the ground, dig a big Tukang, then pick a good sweet potato endure tight code is good, covered with grass thatch, under the kang in life, well done or fire small will not work, just right.Until the sweet potato is to shoot a fast high chopsticks, they put out the fire, door to door points, move off to the fields, autumn will be able to see the big sweet potato.Grandfather was a master around the seedling, every time I go, and my grandfather would shout to us, smiling work out baked sweet potato from the kang, while waiting for the process is so mysterious, beautiful.  My grandfather was a hard working man.Now someone has two or three children not better, not to mention the past nine sort of a small child, one can imagine the hardships.Listen to her that my grandfather would weave ocean socks, an affair string over the streets.My grandfather was a diligent smart people, some of dowry sisters, one a high a person’s wardrobe, painted in festive red, practical and easily.He often met at home repair stools, tables.The total grandfather aunt shouted: “Nizi, put the child to Mazar I moved.”.Aunt did not move, I ran quickly took, and saw my grandfather praise smile, is the biggest reward I was a.  Our grandfather was spoiled.Then perm just emerging, aunt want to do, and fear grandfather, they pull me back when it was dark, hooded aunt into the house in the morning with what they do not cry out, my grandfather said outside the window: “If you dare to point a perm.”I laugh at him out the door, my grandfather looked at me and said;” Look how nice “.Turned away.This means that all right.The older generation of people will inevitably have the old thinking, tie a pony tail, he would gently Jiu Jiu my long black hair, said: “There is change of position look good.”?I then spoiled Shuaishuaitou: “is”.He smiled and passed.My aunt and uncle say, or do you do ah.So a few times, then what’s the unconventional things, they do not say a grandfather.  That year, sixty-year-old grandfather in spite of persuasion children, planted two acres of watermelon, watermelon fruiting season, the edge of a farm shed Temple became his home, appeared to be harvested, I remember the day my grandfather stood Ria says : “I feel the swallow things ye do wrong.”?On the next day that my dad went to Luoyang, later said that esophageal cancer.Not married Uncle, uncle, but also the age of seventeen, a get it!Dad and mom are absolutely obedient, after a few months in the hospital, my grandfather was discharged to go home, take the time to get gas ram ram, weakness of the words are hard to come back when.Anyway, my grandfather’s body better day by day, and Uncle married, my grandfather have a grandson, and heard the laughter of a grandfather.A few years later, the very cold winter of that year, the theater when my grandfather had a cold, cold, cough, infusion medication is not effective.Listen to their private discussions, the doctor said the disease seemed to turn, is his recurrence of the disease, no cure for the.They tried their best mother, grandfather or could not keep away the footsteps of the summer, we’re playing in the wheat field, Jin Zi came and stood in front of her mother, said the three words; let you go.We all understand.Dear grandfather, kind grandfather, the grandfather lifetime of hard work went so!Listen aunt said when I left my grandfather said: “You almost points to close wheat ah, what matter afraid to give you a break.”.It is said that, in his heart to what the Pro is the clearest!  Autumn, the leaves yellow, fragrant wine spilled dogwood.Dressed in green yellow thin, full moon descendants injury.Repeated dream-like sea, woke up still hear laughter Lang.Xu Meng back, startling injury, a pot of sake away for months, long chrysanthemum more send thoughts!    Part III: Autumn Nanjing Jinling Yi autumn scene in recent days, the rain was continuous, living in this cool autumn is getting stronger Chang’an City, look at this wanton kept autumn, mortal remembered Nanjing, remembering the long-lost Jinling fall.Professional disgust because they are learning, because reluctant to talk with a student’s academic connected, I unknowingly put them together along with Nanjing to seal against the corner of memory, covered with dust, covered with cobwebs, already not in my awareness among the.Although I love the simple thick Xi’an, Nanjing, but charming autumn conceive affection never had the slightest light cut, but nearly two decades not to look back, never Way back, but the moment the floodgates of memory, the Jinling Autumn Huamei Jing eleven wind floated in the brain do not want to say Sun Yat-sen, majestic and magnificent, it is to express our highest respect; do not want to say Qinhuai River, although her neon Oar sound and light non-comparable, but thousands of years men of letters have been chewing too much; but do not want to say Xuanwu Lake, though she gave Jinling other cities do not have Yanbohaomiao.Just Qingliangshan, Purple, Qixiashan, Daisy Lake, yanziji, Pearl Spring, the locals enjoy pleasant land of autumn, just listen to their names already feel full of autumn.  Nanjing Autumn is a long, like Zhongshan door that long avenue, flourished a century of towering plane trees to cool autumn wind added to the luxuriantly.Because lush foliage, towering canopy, this avenue becomes increasingly profound quiet, unlike other wide main road straight through as thorough, glance, but winds forward, charm send away the stone paths along the road from time to time in the bamboo forest water gannet homes more idyllic.In Sassou autumn breeze, the whole body seems to have been baptized, bathing caress of nature, people could not help but look forward to the next moment of joy.Nanjing is also reflected in the fall in a long time, until the end of September, because there is no cold sooner or later, the girls still in summer clothes, to show their graceful beauty, after the National Day, and put only a thin shirt autumn autumn skirt to meet cool as through late autumn.  Nanjing Autumn is slender, like a generous laborers in intensive campus throughout the Metasequoia.Metasequoia that of the tall straight trunk, branches of her that is not complicated, not sloppy, just as the backbone of fiber branches stretch toward the sky Egeria, the leaves are arranged neatly on the branches, breeze blowing, full of Xixisuosuo It sounds, like a whispering between the couple, the rain started falling, there are sporadic falling, falling into the giving spirit world feeling.Not only are the eyes of the Iraqis long slender stand of dawn redwood, Metasequoia tree and from there through the light and elegant woman wearing a dress, breeze or rain they add to the beauty of the cool charm.  Nanjing Autumn is perfectly clear clarity, just as sighted a dozen kilometers away Purple Mountain, Mountain View campus legible, in some places containing micro Dai Qing, in some places gold in the Pan-Purple actual occurrence is become “Purple Mountain”, the actual occurrence of Nanjing, also known as “Jinling” mausoleum that is also the hills.Possible at this point, south of the city are the same, unlike the northern city of drying so there is haze, dust to the wind.Because the air is moist and clean, it will clean and fresh, no need to see the day shining shoes, too, can happen to.And then at the other of the mountains and rivers scattered around to hang around a lot, but you can feel the clear, cool, bright, clear as autumn scenery.  Recently, similar to the students gathered in Huanan after graduation twentieth anniversary of October after two years, I am going to visit Nanjing, the Jinling read of Stone City will go to the cool, autumn Viewed chapter ······ chapter four: autumn Yi accompanied every now and then leaves, autumn, has quietly goes away.  Standing on the edge of longing season.Suddenly, you have a strange feeling: autumn is at hand.Like in a picture slideshow playback.  When the rising red sun, dawn on this earth into the sea of gold.Into the field, a hand, it touched off a glow on ears of corn.  Midday sun, shining softly.Large tracts of corn, the northern deep yellow dye season.  Fields of wind, a wonderful music, long flowing in the hearts of those who work, quietly singing – black soil, the breeding of the long-lasting emotions, rising in this colorful verse – flowing movement on the trail, so laughter hung up eye brow.Singing all the way, all the way long triumphantly.  Poplar, from time to time twisted Yangko.Singing in the wind blew in Suona Sheng.  Falling a piece of yellow leaves, the sun cast a golden for you, you wash away the dust to rain, autumn you a happy journey.You no regrets: green feelings open, the earth dressed up Ambilight.You relieved: not burning in the hearts devoid of endless spark of hope – dolphin raindrops, is a sweat capsules.Setting out plump autumn, autumn joyous!  Apple reveals red purple, fall bent the branches.Festive eyeful!Man Po chapter!  At this point, like a blossoming wild chrysanthemum festival of fireworks, such as the beautiful coral, like white hada – slim in the breeze, graceful, colorful.Aoshuang in full bloom.  Horizon, that endless The red, positive interpretation of “Red Leaves flowers in February,” the swan song.  Autumn, not spring, as flowers are blooming, sweet fragrance.  Autumn, unlike the summer as Cuise flow shade rows.  Autumn, with its attractive color and great achievements, pleasing!Desirable!  Autumn branches, swaying wandering in the sunset twilight.Cut, and chaotic feeling of anxiety, opened the curtains at night.Lonely and cold heart, raging devouring helpless heart.Tie him in anguish, in the spread – sad heart.  The slightest breeze brought the light exude tranquility.Sleepless nights, long-suffering heart fermentation, to whom cried?Simply let it burn thoughts, wanton flowing – autumn, the harvest was so ripe with hope.  Autumn, it is so beautiful engraved and dreams.  Yanming few times, interrupted thought.    Part five: Autumn Yiqiu remember the wind.  I gently pressed the hand of wind lifted the skirt, soles of the feet cold I shuddered, the original is already autumn.Wuhan, the weather seems to be only a summer and a winter seasons in this exchange, I have spent three years.  I still remember the first year I brought from home a long-sleeved, one did not pass through, because the summer is over, I put on a sweater, and now think, smile, shaking his head under inadvertently.  Tree-lined trail, withered leaves of autumn depression tell, step on it, audible rustling, but undying inner sadness.Looking at the next one leaves a fall, as the days have gone so irreparable.  Silence is the expression, but it is surging heart.Invisible sun burning hair, invisible old man lying in a rocking chair rocked Pushan the share of leisure, unseen crowd clamoring to eat ice bullying hubbub.Everything is quiet around down occasionally hear the birds light on a few branches hoof.  Yes ah, windy, cold days, the silence surrounding all together.  I in what mood to commemorate the late fall?  Eyes closed, breathing the cool autumn air, but fresh and free of impurities, it seems that with a touch of fragrance, there is confusion intoxicating liquor.Feeling a long time did not dare open my eyes, afraid of this obsession disappeared.I finally understood why drug addicts on drugs is a love-hate relationship, but never forget not want to forget.Because obsessed with the taste of it, fell in love from the bones.  Read a lot of articles about autumn, autumn many writers have their own opinions, or meditation, or praise or abhorred.It also portrays the fall of diversification from the side.It is not an object, people just feel its presence, the lack of any emotion.Autumn as a wise man, with wisdom and majesty presented to the world.So different people and communicate with it, there will be different harvest and insights.  I like Liu Yuxi of the phrase “since ancient times, sad solitude every fall, autumn wins spring my words,” open-minded-minded to accept the arrival of autumn.In his eyes, the flourishing of the fall than in the spring; in his eyes, his heart belongs to autumn is the season.Blue skies, a group of crane into the sky, this is how spectacular views ah.In these circumstances, in terms of Liu Yuxi, it is the real autumn!  I like autumn, but not the pride of Liu Yuxi.I like it, just because it’s quiet, not impulsive, not noise.A touch of the weather, a touch of floral, light rain, everything is kind of reverie.I like the subtle hint of autumn in meditation.  Autumn, I describe the story of the season.    Part VI: spring and autumn Yi to go, so hurry to go.Spring breeze gently passing, stroking willow Shaotou, with the sun, hanging in the sky, shining rain run off the earth, but also the summer season.Breeze howling, with a touch of cool.Autumn has come, come so hurry hurry.Autumn wind quietly blowing, cut down a few fallen leaves, branches blowing, floating sky, covered with bluestone trail.  Free to wander the campus, there will always be a few fallen leaves drift by my side, to accompany me to finish the rest of the way, always like to tease autumn leaves, so the leaves in between the ups and downs unconsciously drifting away from his hometown.Think about yourself, I can not help but self-deprecating smile that he not also do so, ebb and flow, ups and downs, has long been blurred between the earth, I was young I already had a heart autumn.Once upon a time, I like it hot, With infinite hope, to pursue their own spring.Once upon a time, I was so deserting despair pushed me towards the endless ear, nose Hell.I tremble in the dark echoed with the sound of a resigned sigh, groan unwilling.  Quietly recalled, fork in the road of choice is always so difficult, the future uncertain blurred confusion let me, I made a difficult decision, so decisive, kept telling myself to hold the greatest hope for the worst.  Leaves, wandering, cut through the dark curtain, through a ray of sunshine, majestic mind was quiet.I tried to reach out and grab a leaf, but autumn get people, so I came back with nothing.He raised his head, looked around the campus draped in red, I’m a little melancholy, once Nama attractive green, become a memory.Once upon a time, a touch of green across the white world, greeted.But, but how I can not go back.Autumn always easy to sentimental, always have leaves could not pull my thoughts.People often say that spring is the season of hope, spring, good plan to do it again, carries the hopes of Mimi.In contrast, the fall season is to remember, swirling leaves are my thoughts, fluttering yo, ups and downs, thinking jumping memories, messy leaves, the more reason more chaotic, tired, upset, and depressed, and that it is better to stop thinking.In fact, chasing their own spring is very simple, since you’ve made an appointment in the spring in the spring, she will always come, spring is not necessary to look forward to the season will come.  Thinkers do not have all day long, do not worry for this convention, cogito ergo sum, the agreement will eventually be honored.