Autumn wind

Part One: bleak autumn wind Lueqi trace out the window passed flowering laurel tree, and then not see a tree grow bustling eyeful of joy, and no fragrant soak into the depths of gentle lonely heart.Only the hearts of infinite love of expectations in the next field blooming.  Wind Yat slightest cold, cold breeze was blowing, cool thoroughly heart.In this cold season, no longer out of reach of the warm hot summer, flutter a few slices of dying leaves from drifting in front, across the quiet moments, the lonely rendered helpless.  It used to be brilliant beauty of the unknown world, though charming and colorful, colorful blooming, but always blooming with a timeless elegance, dressed in fresh green, chic freehand with natural, no regrets go after a short life.  Quiet autumn leaves brushed the fatigue life of any, seems relieved, no longer attachment trees and other foliage are brilliant fight rivalry, no longer need the day and night after rain and frost, infatuation does not regret only for a grown scenery.Seeing there are still a lot of green in the branches quietly, style remains, messy can not help but have developed a certain loss.Tan: flowery Meijuan eventually arrived, but Homecoming, also lost more amazing changes this season.In fact, the leaves are not heartless things, of Chunni more willing to nurse.  Wind shady trees, branches and leaves swaying is trying to be strong, no longer enchanting green shadows, time is mercilessly coated with a kind of dignified color, never gone early when it looks like Jiaochen.  Happened to the line of sight, there were two urchin figure, looking across the grass under a tree.Foot deep shallow kick, despite far scold adults, they simply bored.Two pairs of four innocent eyes exploring the surprise, is to catch butterflies or flowers?  A naughty hands still clasped several flower do not know where taken to the unknown flowers in full bloom of youth life in bloom.In this increasingly bleak barren season, can easily pick beautiful flowers predicament, finally he did not disappoint two pure and happy heart ah!  Trance two young figure like the two flowers in full bloom, set in the grass under the shade.Rosy cheeks, bright clothing, the green line of sight to quietly spread the gorgeous.  Suddenly two elf figure they vanish forever without a trace, just obviously there is a bit of joy to the hearts of all of a sudden lost depressed.  ”Mo flowers everywhere found, a final thin cold fireworks,” crowd crowd rub shoulders passing numerous, who inadvertently encounter a glimpse?The most is the bow of the tender bewildered Bliss; who for whom eyebrows?Sweet smile, then laugh Allure; who wants to be who I look back?Iraqis are dim light.  ”Pik days yellow leaves, the autumn even wave” through the grass sprout of spring, after a colorful summer, autumn season ushered boundless.But the heart has no intention at this time both have time to perceive that autumn rain.Facing the autumn, summer and watched it disappear in the vast passionate figure, the flooding along with this passion of the weather cools gradually cooled until woodenly.  Watching a brown ground, try to figure out the patches of deciduous solitude of mind, their sadness with sadness.Himself also did not ultimately become one leaves it?Also about to enter their footsteps, do die young roots of haggard, wasted years to be a twilight old woman.But then I also do this poetic heart?There adaptable state of mind can be calm and graffiti writing a few words which can not be said of the text you?  A hint of bleak autumn wind Lueqi!    Part II: autumn, the leaves fall swirling autumn sky, covered desolate atmosphere, the flow in the lonely years, the simple interpretation of the growth of laughter, that’s part of our lives in the most beautiful color dew formed by the experience four seasons the dust, dip the past how much Love.Nightlife net Weiwei time, through the vast depths of memory, the story permeates every corner of the mind, into a road chic yet magnificent scenery, the script of youth in wanton graffiti.At that moment, the dream and the sublimation of reality, transcend the hustle and bustle of this world, to all Smart poetic moment, three thousand years spread the fragrance of incense.  I do not know whether this feeling of real presence, perhaps, when to wake up, I would think, think of those times there had been, would think of those encountered in the front face.Just do not know when the fireflies fragrant, blooming dream of Qin Ying, my tired soul, you will get a moment’s rest, like the sea like a quiet comfort.  Memory wind, tearing a modern note, Jiexun in the ear, forming a broken songs, will eventually cover past.And I still like traces on sea, watching the sky white clouds, but every time after reading the mood will be very confused inexplicable, feeling like a delicate dandelion-like, whenever we get past the wind that carried away.  Perhaps a day of tension and fast pace of life, have long had their own pressure a little out of breath, the reality of darkness, life helpless, so numb mind getting old, but also to more and more dim memory.Really want to return to the good old days, even if it is a dream of youth moment, at least once so you can relive precipitation in the depths of the heart of old memories, and then quietly put it fly in the real world.  In fact, very grateful to those who have been with me through the years with friends, though, the time the waves were heading for the distant memories of each other, but the legacy of thoughts but never stop, really miss you, only time I could not find a clue at back.  Falling leaves, stroking face over the years, remember once when, missed the meet, missed forgotten, forgotten and remembered, very contradictory, but we are in such a loop, going around in circles of white young head.  I also know that, in reality, never had to change, but busy life, in the face of four seasons window, we seem to have lost himself, never laid hold traces of the past, like pure water Love in the era long gone looking less than back, leaving only four strands of fragrant memories of elegant.  A big crowd, edge to edge to, cold time when the memories tear to pieces, it becomes so easy to forget, that many, in the passage of the years has been familiar in the wind receding, many people searching, just never found, the wind rolled back, his eyes twinkling of an eye hazy.  Cheng pulls has to go, dream hard to open, immersed in their own crafted story, slowly and years meet, think of who’s face, who’s talking about old things, only sigh Come and dream, vain overwhelmed by the negative thoughts of love.  Autumn, the leaves fall, but I do not know, vaguely dream, past and how many.  - Original articles III: from the autumn, after a gauze curtain a curtain autumn frost, a piano from a piano song injury, a paper and ink incense tear a piece of paper, a furnace smoke a residual ash, strong drink a pot a pot of cold, Sparse in January to a window, Ichikawa Ichikawa cold misty rain, a dream long lifetime Acacia.  — Inscription cold dew early dip to fulfill cool thoroughly, from the autumn, after Shalian.Night, predictable, lonely, deep, deep sense of autumn mood to reconcile with sparse, messy thoughts together into the scarred heart strings of wind chimes swaying, every collision is crisp burst of osteoclasts pain, offer all kinds of taste, drop into the eyes, fingers wrapped into quicksand, thin experience.  Under Brightness Gambhir, the lights dim still, burns memories, lonely swim thought, as if hidden behind the sky, quietly held out his hand, skim a bunch of streamer and chest, until after the hustle and bustle of precipitation, clarity dash of unruly thoughts, Red deep, lightly dipped in ink, copy it to meet some deep-seated and can not let go of the memories.  We ran into the road to escape, edge predicament, and your last name, you are my sexual gratification, Heart Xiangxi, your words, your story, your sorrow joy to me unlimited drunk, you say, I will I you are looking for the man, I am embarrassed smile, mind mutual rhinoceros.  Wasted years, for a moment of happiness, I overconfident race against time, pushed hard to break through the maze, eventually, she was here before me.Standing confused staggered intersection, I like a stray dog, in front of numerous barriers, thorns everywhere, antecedents chestnut Margaret Philippines micro, fog astray Taiwan.You stand not far from encouraging encourage me, you say, happiness is on your tail, straight ahead, do not turn, it will always follow you, but you did not realize, I was a lost tail puppy.  In the end, unable to let go, will you push her cruel people’s arms, closed his eyes, got the idea off the door, lest one of your face, loud mews, could easily destroy me around and take the air can be dangerous risk of fence wall.  You sad to ask, whether there is no more love.I pondered, lift the rise, pretending to take it lightly, in fact, just the tears overflow the eyes of control, restrain live throbbing emotion, sad smile Overwhelming spit: Yes.Lies push the two lips, like a tender and charming poppy, hurt you, but also poison me.Your sense of loss parting, did not take any, only the temperature of the volume of all my seats away, hang around in some PASSING encounter knowing each other, turned into deep-seated Acacia, buried among the hubbub.I lost you picked up the sadness.  Pain, hit, run through until it can not breathe, love, gone, no wrong, no period until despair.Thoughts such as a tsunami engulfed the heart inch by inch.Twitching soul free body, internal organs also will be dramatically rush is not broken burning flesh.  Steeped earthly tie him down, silently looking exile, the mood was as random alternating seasons, sometimes, gentle spring breeze, in turn, the long winter snows, sometimes, autumn howling, instead, Xia Yu Xiaoxiao.”Hold your hand, and grow old.”I remember feeling ignorant when first reading this poem, it was a young girl living a better vision of the unknown, the sweet longing for romantic love.Fantasy that one day, there will be a mortal world know I pity my friends, holding hands with each other to firm eyes soft eyes, whisper in my ear the same verse: staying forever.But, how far it always ah!Afraid only afraid trying world of band, suffering no consistency of the song.  Those who had threatened to forever life and death go hand in hand, now how many have rode the horizon, went their separate ways, you have your rivers and lakes in northern Hebei autumn, I have my apricot spring south.In the end, as long as was, alone drunk moon, inviting centuries injury.  ”Come on wide sigh, do not I live Xi.Xun sigh Come on, do not believe I Come “.How sad choice.Mo hurt soul, stained frustration and melancholy.  Yes ah, the world’s vast, vast universe, life as mayflies, vague like dust, compared to external forces us to repeat itself weak, birth, old age, sickness and death and love and parting, how was dominated by themselves, often only want to do contrary, lingering desire for freedom can only sustenance spread over the country.  All naive to imagine, can not withstand the ravages of reality, blame, doubt, difficulty, and those crumbled stone of the agreement, vows into the sea, cold light glowing in the night in the vast, cool heart piercing.And then unable to irrigate flower once the most beautiful roses, only with indifference slowly forcing withered withered, with fresh forgotten to fill vacancies.  Walk slowly on the streets alone, staring at the end of the line time and space, eyes locked in a curl of smoke, any tears wanton flowing, smoke and tangled, give birth to a myriad of pain and loneliness.At the moment, you think there is stationed in mind, have you accompany, without the need to taste this alone, “Kwong Wan extravagant” lonely.Yesterday a dream, a dream Allure, dream ring overnight, Xixi outside dreams into ornaments, and the dream is a dream after all, but Cheng, wind and rain to kill, grind the completion of mud.I think this world, I dream of you is the south, I guess, in this life, I would be passing your rivers and lakes, loving Melancholy, vowed, as according to the send side yugao in ruins, humble small, tragically sad cool , quietly waiting for the frost and wet judgment.Part four: one year from the autumn moon is pouring down selfless, quiet and covered with the hustle and bustle of town, independent windowsill, looking at the night away, the heart gradually quiet down.  A year ago, a fit of anger came to this strange city Jincheng, had vowed, to a strange place to start again.When the moment to get university admission notice, and my heart is not happy but is a touch of sadness, it is only clear: I am not notice the arrival of the end of the era of high school..I forgot how to freshman summer before time runs out, just remember a rain in the afternoon, together with small hair, a song by the river roar afternoon.When the train at South Station Jin slowly docked at the side of the terrace, the heart does not know is happy or sad, and finally came to a strange city, can you be yourself reinvigorated, better ourselves, I do not know.  New Year set foot on the school bus, sitting in the window seat, his arms holding the bag, broke into the embrace of Jincheng this strange city, her head leaning against the window and just imagine her breath.  After many turns, traffic lights, came to work Liao South Gate.In an instant I step out the door and face the opposite Liao workers, after payment, collect various items, accommodation, all step by step.Always like night time enveloped the earth, burning a lamp, quietly, at night, in black, accompanied by the music of the day in the mood to write down on paper.About University, about home, about that many good but too late to the realization of a dream, at that time always feel that they have dissolved the night, dissolve in a quiet, dissolved his heart.  The next day, school, eat, sleep, exam, everything mundane, placid, he did not try to learn, something else is the same.One was so crazy heart seemed asleep, tried to wake up many times, but always feel they have nothing, it just Jincheng city is the seat of the wind, blown away by a gentle awakening let the heart.This summer, in Shenyang with Mom and Dad together, did not return to Shandong, this is not his first hug Shandong in the summer and would like grandparents in Shandong, I want to tread the numerous small dam and would like to personally tree planted saplings and would like to.In Shenyang, there will always be at the moon at night, sitting in the chaos of construction sites in the rise of the full moon, surrounded by stacked full of various tools when building high-rise, is gratifying that many of the hustle and bustle, there is always crickets sing in the it seems to be a tribute to month, so that human eyes closed listening sounds of nature.After repeating a few of the many days, if a moonless night, suddenly burst into tears, it hurts the heart, grow it?  I was a rainy night in Jincheng lips to kiss again, walking in the rainy night of Liaoning work, walking in his heart the sea, nothing has changed, but it seems everything has changed, everything changed.Another year fall, the wind.Part five: autumn, the autumn and do not realize the sad tears, filled with endless sorrow at its vicissitudes abs, cool pierce the heart vessel.  - Inscription seasons, four seasons enchanting, does not seem to have gone through in the past season under each section of any meaning, the fragrant smell like flowers, a heavy rain falling, take away not only sad, sad farewell tears, still ran embrace dawn the next season.  Rainy, confusing, hazy suddenly more aesthetic front, sadness fading away, inexplicable hitting sound like tassels draw down unconstrained.Autumn, like a fairy half-face partly concealed, lonely row, Iraqis where to stay.  However, not a thing of the past, tears instantly eliminate vertical disappearing, mildly tour, recalling the vicissitudes of years, can not stand salvage passers-by, his mind far is the most beautiful blot.  Do not swing dance clothes, severe pain in my wound is not your feminine, a little torn ruthless words, except they can only lick heart pain, bogged down, unable to extricate themselves.  If Yi Xi to offering his thoughts on the Bay will be able to review US-hyun ornate fragment, not as wanton profligacy, autumn becoming cooler, cooling atrium dark out still, forget-me, this sleepless night.  Autumn leaves falling wind, each piece are entrusted with you my thoughts, then this is not your eyes fall foliage, but miserable bondage, even if the dark clouds, I am willing to wait for your presence, warm nourish atrium.  Parting tears in their eyes, hit the jump pulse, body cells in the expansion of the heart as if at that moment stopped short, rotating flip, do not wave smooth, quiet night this autumn.