Autumn verse

Slowly crescendos in quiet, walked the pace of light autumn of riding the wind comes.The rough layers of heat release, the language of flowers packed into summer fruit in abundance of.Nature will fall the most beautiful poem written in the sky was clear, Yunjuanyunshu scenery, wrote in the South swallows wings.The maple leaf is the most beautiful autumn letterhead, warm sunshine, swaying with “Red Leaves flowers in February,” the graceful awaiting your discovery.    That southern red beans, is now set covered with bright red fruit branches LP, tell it rain Acacia Italy.Under kindred virgin, who is playing a “red song”, “Song Jun Trinidad reluctant to do, sail far end and the king tactic.Hongyan Nan fly back several times, Kam book difficult to send wandering alone.Stimulated red beans covered with branches, where provoke Acacia Jun.Pipa a concubine thoughts, dreams harped night long.”Beside the acacia, I pick the one that sent the most distant red.Under acacia, who beats, sleeves lightly, Acacia will be a dance of chaos?    Autumn is the season of precipitation, it is a tree of summer flowers at the moment is precipitated as a fruit tree heavy.Crops to more precipitation in the year farmers harvest and joy.Even the weeds have grown wanton early seeds will settle down, just waiting for the autumn winds, then spread out to four, with one look forward to writing the next year.As gentle autumn rain comes, layer by layer shift the summer heat faded, and the cool little freshness to the collection that.    Autumn is the season of singing, look, mouth that pomegranate cracked open a rough voice.Small bird on grass seed, next to fruit trees, enjoy the joy of singing on crops.Agricultural people in the field, on the road, singing on their own roofs “in the fall to really busy, picking fruit again finished food to collection; harvesting will be filled with joy along with warehouse filled with happy wine brewing labor, ah, one year more stronger than a year.Thank socialism, thank the party, fairly well-off farmers living.”Farmers rough hands ah says that the most simple verse, that farmers cheek sweat ah, yes trekking in flowing verse.Grasshopper Qianyindichang between fields “beautiful country, ah, I have a free-spirited dream, lovely cricket girl is jumping verse.”Exceptionally bright autumn sunshine, with warm Cuihong which way sorghum, that piece of ripening corn; turn it hidden in the ground peanuts blown bulging rose up, the sun is the autumn of mature poems Row.    Autumn night, accompanied by the night dew flowing, then collections of crystal clear water drops, is nature’s most precious collections.Do not be afraid of your trousers wet with dew, the fall in the serenity of the night to write down Cowherd Masterpiece “Although the vast Milky Way, My heart just Yongjian.Magpie Bridge to meet, the truth long years.”Tanabata Festival at night you may have heard on the Magpie Bridge Vega singing?    Listen, playing the lute in the autumn, see, autumn in depicting the ink Dan; see, autumn leaves in the world to write the truth; that is the nature of us fondly call.Dressed in autumn light, let us walk in the autumn’s colorful sun, hard to appreciate nature beautiful poem written.Walking in the mountain road, looking for a orchids, among Juyi Peng springs, sweet heart, the wind sang the song “Autumn Whispers”, “Autumn heart hidden many secrets, hidden how much sweet, I fall in secret write chrysanthemum flower; I write in secret autumn red hawthorn fruit in; I write in secret autumn pond; I write in secret autumn beside mountains; I have written in the autumn of secret springs ; I fall secrets written on the bridge of magpies; I fall secret written on it hung the moon, waiting for the autumn wind verse opening page of this page