Autumn Think of the phrase article

Part One: Think of the phrase golden autumn heat of summer season out of the stage, swaying beautiful sad autumn will come, leisurely desolate bearer walked hurried footsteps, with a west wind rush, falling like Pennisetum yellow meteorite, opened a poignant autumn face.  Between feel, has stepped on many many years, I do not know along the way and get lost anything; life encounter with missed something.Perhaps those are not important, they missed missed, so it is not too much to pursue obsession.  Those Forget the past, it has been my love, gradually gathering dust in the years long history, as ethereal as the wind, clouds is so faint, if superficial gradually released into the atmosphere in a westerly in.  In the years of the journey, often traveled alone, either do not know where to stay; where is the end, although life never lack friends, but that is only met but not knowing each other.  I do not know since when, was hit by something called “pure music” things attracted, whether Zheng Qing Cui elegant, light and fluttering flute, erhu or mildly bleak, let me fascinated, it is difficult to extricate themselves.After extinguishing the likes bedroom lodge dim lights, put on headphones, along with the sadness and dismay of wonderful rhyme, tears and very beautiful melody peers, and went into the temple of pure music, to listen to it the story it tells every story is pure beauty, as crystal clear autumn rain, light fell on his face, biting cold, slowly bite into the bone marrow.Faint hint of sadness, faint ray of desolation, hovering circulation in the ears, endless stretches of melancholy swept me tightly wrapped.Only the dead of night, the people had to sleep in the same room, only to sadly discover, but also a day and night quietly passing between the fingers.  This silence of the clear autumn, the flowers fall, solitary in the sky, the world is a bleak, misty, never see the road ahead.    Part II: Think of the phrase blowing autumn covered with flies stain stand fan, I fed the pigeons in the yard, the sun through the leaves cast a shady spot, like a transparent glass cullet, a sparkling, shining.White chiffon shirt thrown a layer of soft white in the sun, blooming with Menghuitangzhao dream-like ancient heritage.I readily turned the magazine into the period, read an article about autumn, including Zhang parasol trees illustrations let me put it down, in front of a scene increasingly blurred, distant memory was exceptionally clear.  Fantasized about a lot like the beginning of autumn, it quietly began to spread in the desolate wilderness Ye Hao, spent four seasons in the balcony began to lush good, but no matter how it will always be in my first start in the early expectations.For autumn I want to say: “you can not participate in the beginning, but it will take on your end.”In early August, the beginning of autumn, and autumn came so unexpected, so let me go to have complained of or summer, and have actually a little reluctant to leave.Typhoon and warm air attack, which came a few days early was removed in the next several rain, so I have quite a few scratch deadly winds.Yesterday I was still grumbling as muggy weather, but today I woke up hanging nose weep put on his coat.On the bed mat was I replaced bed, turned off the whole summer opened a window at night while sleeping.  ”Since ancient times, sad solitude every fall” Autumn leaves rustled natural and ultimately, each piece of falling leaves everyone looked sickly, to you to be somewhat I had to trouble.Autumn story maybe just buried under leaves in which, accidentally stepped on, will be drowned out Gun Gun memories flood came, so I walk in the steps of the avenue is very uncertain, for fear of their shoes to kiss the leaves on the ground.Nightlife net courtyards I rubbed the side to play with his plants and flowers Lanmao sun, the wind gently ask my bang bang play, leaving it blurred my eyes.Slowly stretch the tentacles of memory, scratch wake those sleeping for many years past, this time the atmosphere is quiet, such as stagnant water, sometimes only a few times car horns, dragging me back from the dream.  As the saying goes: “Spring lack of autumn storm!”Faced with this season, the people will inevitably become lazy.Even someone like me rarely sleep Zhu Er, can only sleep is often basking in the sun on the morning of the big ass of intoxication.  I live in a city with a half-century-old courtyard, patio planted with a variety of plants and flowers, do not underestimate these little-known plants and flowers in the courtyard, they may have been my idea that youth background, look after those old black and white photos taken during childhood, from among the total of these plants and flowers found a happy childhood.  Idle time, I go to walk the streets near our home business, listen to those who shout sensual diverse, loud and clear voice, “What tofu children shout”, “jelly children shout” “fritters children shout” like a little better than professional singer difference.These small to eat something big, do not feel tired.Then there is the strange look of the arch, an array of goods.I do not bargain, we often see Yerong graceful maiden aunt bargaining ability or will Yitaiwanfang, you greatly admire, so in order to avoid premature cash-strapped, will take to the streets with a bargain buddies or girlfriends is necessary.Over the years, the town’s economic development to bring a sea change, one that eating this regard, what flavor of Taiwan, Japanese and Korean cuisine, Western Europe and America, where you can enjoy the delicious food.Either way, the town can always smell the familiar smell, old shop operates ancestors passed down the craft, has been respected in the town, occupy Ngau Tau on food market.  World is big, I dream of doing Tamkang University in its own small yard.Fancies himself a devout backpackers, mountain view read water, taken at different places of the fall SLR, the ends of the earth will fall not the same, but my love for the autumn but the only Warriors.  ”People say that life simply is a blessing, but for everything no waves.”Life is very simple, but actually living life very difficult, many people live in their own world refused to extricate themselves, the default abandon the world, disgusted with his own tune, in accordance with the unwarranted grief Xu bridle line.”Happy woman’s home is different, as most unfortunate woman’s home.”You can not control the world, but you can control your mind.In short, life’s good and bad and you have the kind of attitude has a lot to.  Vacation home, basically did not do anything particularly meaningful, it is nothing more than watching “My affordable men”, “women fashion editor,” “Love Apartments Ⅲ” and so on a number of TV series and movies rotten vulgar bad customs, and then there is also a look at the book, stay up late watching the Olympics, I am proud to be the only point worth my weight loss success this matter, and the reason to slim down and reduce food-related, but I think the first half was undoubtedly the most relevant dyed not stay up late to quit bad habits.  After the seventh, the magazine of overtime busy, carry out his review a variety of daily round-trip between the editorial department and a printing shop.Repeat workflow is very boring.Come to work, bring a small basin cactus from home, idle time to give it a shot using a mobile phone camera, speak against it.Promotion and pay rise on the unit has been the cause of both envy and hate thing for my colleagues relations inexperienced still shallow, or covered corners for people who deal with inevitable jerky, I met someone else gossip also even encountered malicious libel and slander, but I never argue, I believe in a long time who enjoys a short flow length will certainly fend for themselves.  It obviously is not small, fast Pentium III, and always seem slower than their peers, so a beat when I was in a hurry to find a job, others have a stable work, and when I started to work, people began to talk about marriage on married, I guess when people get married, I’d be a woman left.  We hope that work will be half-hearted, and have time to go back home, spend time with my parents; I hope limit housing units distributed as soon as possible, without hard fought between bus and subway.Listen to songs, write the text, and evil friends are online Luankan, lived not for how wonderful, but to be very fulfilling.    Part Three: Think of the phrase autumn autumn wind howling swept ears; autumn, rustling skirts dripping; Qiu, to cool drop shadow hearts.Autumn, cold wind, frost, fall leaves, in bloom, intricate ups and downs in the autumn season.  Autumn, more clear Liao, less noisy; to the west wind, which went wild geese; gather the sadness, scattered troubles.  ”Pik days, yellow leaves, the West Wind, North Various Artists.Who knows to dye cream Lin drunk?Always tears from the people.”Late at night, the courtyard month cold, cold dew invasion clothing, flowing in the quiet time, the bursts of autumn passing, empty stage Yela sound fell to the ground, the ears, gently hitting the quiet heart, it is the footsteps of life, in autumn comes to the end.Go is to go vertical, either give up the mood offer all kinds of stay, not more for a while perching in life.Qing Ji, feeling absolutely quiet autumn night, suddenly hit the body and mind.Both emotion bleak “boundless Fall rustling below”, and perception, “Tori wine, Fragrance surplus sleeve” of Yat, more sigh “willow shore Xiaofeng moon” miserable.  Indus out the window pretty legislation, however, her greenish yellow leaves soaked years.Wind talk to her softly, rustling, her desire to tease dancing.So, her mind and body gently swaying, like a leaf leisure boats, rippling in the hustle and bustle of flashy sea.She smiled, Spring faded out of the palm of your hand, hold the birds singing.I do not know if she would like to take the wings of the birds, with the dream of faraway paradise?Everything is so quiet harmony, as if reincarnation innate appearance.Several flower clouds in the sky stopped, and her face looked distant sea.Autumn Qing Ji then faded, faint, misty Qing Han retreat in smoke in the distance.  Think of the phrase hint of autumn, transparent earthly chaos can not fall impurity floc.Autumn taste of thick, curl precipitate under Qinru Heart of fragrance.Cool autumn cold, rain integration into the billowing flow of blood.  Opened his eyes, still return to the cold reality.A clear autumn night in their sleep, is Yao Yao away.Falling and gently raised memories, these memories are no longer the original look, they are crossing a layer of pale mottled imprint.Faint shadow Indus tall stalwart.  Autumn, contains all the joys and sorrows marshes, thoughts flying along the placid creek import Pinghu.Rain Qiaochuang is not warm, ear to listen, howling autumn, autumn whiz, where synthesis worry, the people from the autumn.  Eiichi a dry, affects the mood of the seasons, summer and Chang Chun-rong, filled a vigorous life of joy, autumn winter provisions convergence, more or less always feel the air Xiaosha.Since ancient times, sad solitude every fall, my word autumn wins spring tide, “Montreal yellow accumulation, haggard loss”.Sky was clear, ahead in the autumn, Chang Chang mood in the autumn wind eat only a little lonely.