Autumn silence

Part One: murmured, chewing autumn lonely lonely late autumn evening a touch of Nama is falling clouds.  Invigorating the blue sky, the cool autumn air drifting trace; faint Hongxia, flour dough blanket the side yarn.It was a man’s mind disturbing dreams.Everything seems to fall on campus as usual, did not changed, as always popular march.I fled the busy road, hiding nobody cares tree-lined trails, abandoned piece of trail in the forest Oh, like it in my feet enjoy coiled extension, through the recesses of.Only here can make people from the hubbub of complicated, and only to move here Parti perfect combination of tranquility and shadow, creating a refined spirit clearing withdrawn, it is the lonely people’s feelings, it was lonely people and lonely road of exchange between.  Yellow forest life nurtured disengagement milk, have turned into a film Splendor, elegant life seems withered, more like memories of little Piaoxu.Huang stepped off the cover built into piles of fluffy, rain, the dough soften the stone-like rigid lifeline, it is to feel peaceful life with their feet, which is the way wounds and autumn.  The depths of the forest, is not a week of weeks Creek Creek.With the wind, you can faintly smell bursts of faint stench, gurgling water to comply with the duties continued to drop, quietly did not have a trace of complaint, piling up heavy layers of silt muddy, red, pink sunset and natural sunset also could not leave the slightest color.Local people avoided if the scorpion, I can finally royal under a cumbersome, heavy lying there soft seats in autumn, sad indulgence tour channeling the body, a male, a river, a man, that’s my autumn, I hurt myself hurt, the pain my own pain.Tired, tired.It has been lying until autumn deeply stigmatized.  .Or do not write, wondering article, oh wonder the mood.Not knock it herself, depression.Part Two: Autumn silence you go.  Once open as branches on summer flower, resplendent beauty.Bang comes Perak, carrying storm, put your posture destroyed, the wind falling.  I explain how to?From nightlife network, such as green leafy like festooning your side, I walked alone.  You know separation, Mid-Autumn Festival is not only the blossoming lotus — Whose fault?Acacia is also the autumn leaves blown off – the inevitable fate let nature can not make a commitment.  Your love is Qingchi Ting Li lotus, pure dedication, my yellow leaf, fresh Wu.  Thank you from the depths of the innermost.  However, such love.Who can imagine the result after the fireworks bursting in the air, brilliant and bright?!  You and I, are sprouting grass on poor land, can not find the piece of bread, gave birth to the soil.  You say, do messengers.I am not pro has always been stubborn, but do not want to leave after that fragile self-esteem rough it hold up, and put down the live.  You hide his face away tears.  If at the moment, if a car is not at the moment as a pop-up bore a lever came speeding, no burst of noise that made me like the opening of percussion ringing in the ears, dizziness, to me, this is you whisper words of love Dishou Review.  However, that the blood, lying devastated flower skeleton, let all my hoping and hope, in an instant into foam.  That night, only rain, pattering deserted, with my sleepless night, broken hearts, frozen into ice shavings.  Today and night rain, swept away like dust clouds as complicated emotions, thoughts only.  In addition to thoughts of you, I am the poor is a.  Rain, at night —