Bright Eyes

Ricky Luteruier 17 years old, was recruited in Illinois United States Army Air Corps, becoming a helicopter combat brigade of soldiers, poor family background Ricky once received so many new clothes, very happy.After his military training, cherish patriotism, at just 18 years old, he was sent to Vietnam.He began a brutal killing of young people for young people.This is a true story, is a feature film American channel NBC 4 Los Angeles boundaries episodes aired.Ricky in a positive engagement with the enemy, the first to open fire, killing an enemy.In the enemy, he found the enemy and the enemy’s daughter.Enemy wearing a green military uniform, looks very handsome, eyes very God.This photo enemies, the size a bit like the so-called Mimi according to mainland China on the 1960s and 1970s Shanghai people always say.Ricky saw this picture, I was attracted to his fate, and destined to this picture together, half-pain, half-sleepy worry.This photo, like a puzzling fate, like not get rid of the obsession, driven and Ricky’s life.This small picture, originally black and white, but the color photo studio, a color photo.The little girl look like five or six years, the vision is very condensed, looked scenery.Father and daughter, brother and sister perhaps, Ricky guess, because the military is too young, the young girl’s father could not be like this.However, father and daughter of two pairs of eyes, very clear, very bright.In Ricky opinion, this two pairs of eyes, for he embodied the question of light.In Ricky’s eyes, their vision, but also full of hidden bitterness, hatred.This gives Ricky days and nights, and bring remorse after suffering endless murder.Although later, Ricky also carrying automatic rifles with American legs, killing many enemies.But never like this photo of father and daughter out, grabbing him tightly and hold.Like the gods, like a ghost, and gazed at him.Although Ricky as a wounded war hero, back to the United States, awards for meritorious service, veterans Department is also the state government, there had been a good job, and he is married high school sweetheart, had two daughters, and lived good day middle class worthy of the name.But that two pairs of eyes is very delicate, has been let Ricky and nervous, made him feel they have been talking to him: Why did you kill me?Why did you kill my father?That two pairs of very handsome eyes, has been talking to him, his eyes were destroyed on the battlefield, I do not destroy him, he will destroy me, Ricky self-comforting.Another pair of eyes still some alive, Ricky wanted.So Ricky in the unrest, anxiety in the days and nights among.This anxiety, heavy day by day, when his own feelings of happiness in life and condition flavor of life more and more upset the more aggravated, the more intolerable, remorse, like lead, his heart filled with pain of torture, like his shadow, where they go with.In order to free ourselves from the anxiety, the pain, he decided to say goodbye to two pairs of eyes handsome, he was determined to end this enemy and this enemy’s daughter.He wrote a letter, very touching letter from deeply sorry, killing a pair of bright eyes, he killed his dream and daughter reunited.He put the letter and photo, placed in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, he felt a little easier.Before he put his thirty years of mental burden on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, he let go of them, and he hopes they can let go of him forever.However, this is the eye of the storm did not let go of his illness.Soon, Ricky health worsened, his mother began to get sick.Ricky was very strange, really I feel very apprehensive fate, once a ship carrying the bodies of soldiers killed in Vietnam black veterans memorial at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, and found a letter left by Ricky this photo.Suddenly, he is stunned that two pairs of eyes to live, attracted.He did not know Ricky live.He put this picture of Ricky and the letter, published in the memoirs of Vietnam veterans.A former state assemblyman Ricky knew the story, see this memoir, immediately told Ricky.Resentment cheerful handsome that two pairs of eyes is back, back to front of Ricky.This time, the girl’s eyes looked at Ricky, as if to reproach him with desertion.Black veterans and Ricky, two veterans, also met.When you meet, cry.Finally, Ricky Luteruier painstakingly, with the help of the Vietnamese Embassy in the US.She found the girl blue.He flew over the Pacific Ocean, trek, with flowers, to meet with orchid.He hugged Lan.Lan embrace this thirty years ago to kill his father’s enemies, he could not stop crying.Ricky is crying the same way.Gloomy desolation of the music combined with the program on the screen, white-haired enemy Ricky hugged the little girl already middle-aged, two people crying.See here, my eyes filled with tears.