Bright cherry

Pondered, I still eat cherries.Probably seven years old that summer day, Uncle came from outside the home Shiji Li, specially brought a small basket dripping bright cherry, holidays like our family portrait, his face filled with laughter weekdays rare.The mother gently lay it at the dinner table cherries, very carefully the number again.Mother in time to give us points cherries, could not help himself: “If our house has trees like cherry tree.”That day, my siblings and we each share of 20 cherries, I hid for a long time in the pocket, before finally enjoy.I like sugary balls thrown into his mouth like a dolphin, although suffered flesh, but still gusto to suck the stones contain a touch sweet and Italy, refused to spit it easily, as if trying to keep that kinds of wonderful and unforgettable memories.    But we did not cherry trees.In the huge garden around their houses, only the northern village common peach, pear and jujube, and of course there are some people apricot.As for the cherry tree, it should be a rare thing, the whole village and no trees.There is a saying “delicious cherry tree planted hard, happiness does not fall from the sky.”Cherry trees are precious, and it is difficult to survive even planted, and bright red cherries Ilex hope in sight, is also difficult to honor the dream scenery.    The following year in late spring, our family’s vegetable garden finally had a cherry tree.That was when my sister brought back from the fields of wild cut out.When excited with a sister out of a lump of soil Green saplings from a wicker basket Puff, my brothers and sisters and shook his head to pull the drum-like flute, all recognize this is what saplings.Informed sister told us: this is a Jingui cherry tree.And very excited and proud of prophecy: In a few years, our family has to eat cherries!It was very exciting prophecy.The young sister of cherry trees planted to the garden.Sister and me every day music is not he give it water, banking on it day and day grew long and strong, like a sister as sweet prophecies, schedule bear delicious cherry to Hongyan.However, bad weather, the summer of that year from drought, slender tree with weak cherry trees, like a fragile girl in town, actually green clothes off the eagerly anticipated in our eyes.My siblings are like a deflated ball, taste folks in bursts sigh of disappointment “delicious cherry tree planted hard,” the admonition.    However, the second year of spring, the dead cherry tree, miraculously string out a clump of deep green seedlings!This situation makes us one family have regained joy.Cherry tree face back to life, we naturally hilarious, and therefore cherish and care for fear of an inattentive what disease it harm.In this way, the cherry trees watch our attention and affection in long tall and strong.When it comes to strong, it is not as peach and pear trees is so sloppy, thriving.Cherry leaves are small, slender branches is, until the third year, it is still not high curtain.In any case, we long-awaited moment is coming.Until the fourth year in spring, vibrant cherry trees that finally full of dazzling flowers!From afar, really like a gorgeously slim waist does the city girl!Day children gradually heat up, bees and butterflies too joined in the fun from time to time to shuttle between the eye-catching flowers, chase and mooring.So vivid graceful situation, so we felt this hot summer excitement and joy!    Hidden among the leaves and beans like a small cherry, in the summer sunshine in increasingly smooth and full.He crossed the threshold of the seventh lunar month, get up in the morning to sneak a vegetable garden, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the original light green particles has a slightly flushed!It took over the week, all beckon cherry flush, let us salivating.We highly anticipated under the guidance of his mother, carrying a small wicker basket full of joy to the garden cherry pick!Our side while picking his mouth from time to time to throw bright red cherries, mother rebuke scold We are a group of small Chanmao!.Rather, plucked the cherries did not have our mouth, the mother will come up with more than half to relatives and neighbors to taste.This is because the cherries in our hometown is rare thing, usually a rare case, moreover cherry production is very low, you can not sell a few money.Sister is naturally a hero, so she assigned cherries are more than we do, which makes us brothers and sisters envy and jealousy, but the atmosphere privately sister will catch a lot for us to eat from their own part in.So, the thought of eating cherries and cherry trees, I can not help but think of the far-facing loess back into the air sister in hometown.    Cherry accompany childhood happiness and joy, but cherry trees did not accompany us for a long time, it devoted luscious fruit after three years, he died without complaint.Vaguely remember, next year’s winter home snow was heavy, pushing morning confined to the house is not open, the windows need to clear the snow in the yard, past lush garden a desolate, snow-capped.It was also in that year the cold winter, my family only a cherry tree was alive frozen to death!It does not spit in the warm spring green leaves, fragrant bloom, let alone in the summer a tree covered with a ruby cherries!But her mother did not give up hope, still retains the bare branches of cherry tree.To our disappointment, the miracle did not happen again!Until the spring of the third year, the mother was to shave off dead father’s cherry tree, planted potatoes.I have stood in the place of cherry trees grow too saw it, as if this tree did not disappear, maybe in the spring which year it will string out a clump of green shoots to Puff!    Statements about the cherry tree, seems to have only so much.When I grew up far from home, overlooking hometown in another piece of the Sky, the heart and one will have the slightest pain Unspoken helpless.I mean, is not cherry countryside country girls, but the city amorous lady.We metaphor for the beauty of the cherry lips.Whether “Yingtaoxiaokou” or “lips delicately,” makes me smile to think of jade Review.That being said, died hometown cherry tree but a kind Providence.As one of the charming city of Ye Yan beauty, she went to the simplicity of rural sky was clear, slightly mysteriously walked away from a stop to it.In any case, I had planted cherry trees, and ate sweet as jelly cherries.This convinced me that barren land will breed again surprisingly beautiful flowers fruit.Like cherry nowhere, still not far away from green countryside I affectionately watchman.2000 words