Bright brother’s love

Bright brother was my college roommate.Plump, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, sent the nickname buns.Because he was particularly fond bun, and hit a record food alone forty dumplings in a bun held in the school contest.Sometimes reputed school.  Mandy is our senior sister apprentice, but also the school minister Art Department.Looks sweet, cheerful man, the object of pursuit is one of many brothers.Normally I like to write about my feelings to do so to join the art department, and later the Ministry dinners, objects allowed to participate, I do not object that they travel together with bright brother.  Bright brother said: This girl punctuality minister.  I said: Bengxiang.  Bright brother pursed his lips and said: Believe it or not she would be my girlfriend.  I disdain: Goucai letter.  Bright brother said: I will not let you down.  And so on, these words seem to have any problems.  Bright brother is with Mandy senior sister apprentice how to fall in love I do not know, just remember one night bright brother panting back to quarters, carrying four bags of sugar.I, Zhang, a staff of bread, four men took the whole dormitory made over and over.  Everyone thought that bright brother is getting married.  One year after graduation, senior sister apprentice bright brother and Mandy married.  As the best man, I Zhang, agreed that bread bright brother last generation is certainly doing a good thing to do, or how to marry such a beautiful girl.  Wedding, bright Cauchy loaded straight, his face covered with happiness.Nestled beside the petite Mandy senior sister apprentice, he joined arms crossed youth, walking slowly toward us.  Zhang said: bread you cry?  Bread Mama tears, said: Goucai cry!  Bright brother of senior sister apprentice Mandy hands clasped, looking soulful beloved girl, said: I thought silence, and people are immersed in the happy air, daydream looking at the couple, a lot of girls is prepared ahead of time to come up with a paper towel to wipe the tears.  Bright brother shy smile, touched the back of the head, said: forget forgetten.  We once laughed with delight, their feet.Zhang is rolling on the floor laughing.  At this moment, I think we are very happy.  The summer of 2007, I went to Shenzhen, with a distant cousin to learn to do sales.The day had been stumbling.During that time also contracted the habit of drinking, not smoking, because can not afford to smoke.Bright brother approached me several times, every time I dragged him to drink, but he never looked at me only to drink, advised me to drink less.I asked why he does not drink, he smiled and said he did not like Mandy senior sister apprentice drink.I also smiled, then each drank a drunk.  Late last year, bright brother came to me.Tousled beard looks not shave some time, not a gray slip autumn look.  I jokingly said: how, to change the route to go sharp brother?  Bright brother did not speak.  We went to the bar frequented the house.Bright brother still did not speak, just a mouthful of drink.I do not speak, just quietly accompany him to drink.  When a person, not drunk.Even drunk, but also leave a bit of sober.Not a lot, to find their way home on the line.Lonely people are drunk even luxury.I can not get drunk, because we know that bright brother to be drunk.And I want to take him home.  Been drinking the night before we out of the bar.On a dark cold has long been deserted streets.Occasional patches blowing cold wind that swept the shreds of paper on the ground, hovering in the air a few times after that I do not know the track.We shivering from the cold, the original bit tipsy seemed to shake off some.  He did not go far bright brother squatting on the roadside spit up.I patted his back, he suddenly began to cry.His mouth has been talking: she was gone, never come back.  Mandy bright brother with senior sister apprentice divorced.  I sometimes can not believe the fact that.Later, bright brother told me that the two men early in early October for a divorce.As for the reason, bright brother not to say.  Everyone can not fully understand the suffering of others, sharing does not work, we can do it is to accompany.Let them know that you and me.  The summer of 2008, I went to Shanghai on business.For the way back will not be too boring, I think to buy a few packs of seeds with.When walking past a cafe, I saw through the big windows Mandy senior sister apprentice.In order to verify that he did wrong, I ordered a cup of coffee to go.Mandy really is senior sister apprentice.She was so beautiful, just a little more face the vicissitudes of life.I think she had some very hard.  She recognized me, we did not speak each other.  After the shift, I would like to say a few words to her.She seemed to understand my intentions, deliberately go fast.I cried a few times Mandy senior sister apprentice to no avail.I am a little angry, angrily shouted: Why did you abandon bright brother!  She took a few steps squatting down.Ooo, ooo’s face buried in his arms and cried.I suddenly remembered the dim lights, squatting on the roadside crying bright brother, thought of the suit and tie of bright brother, thought to be forgetten laugh Mandy senior sister apprentice, I think that day we face filled with happiness, I kept thinking I the tears streaming down.Happiness is always so promote off guard, but always so sad fate.  Mandy senior sister apprentice suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease, which is that I heard on TV’s disease, is an incurable disease, not cure.She understood bright brother’s temper, also firmly believe that bright brother would always accompany her, but she did not want to hurt the bright brother.  I have no intention to see the scenery on the train back to Shenzhen.I seem to feel the world all the bad mood all the pressure on my mind.I want to tell bright brother, but not to say Mandy senior sister apprentice.This is her last request.  I bought a lot of wine to go home, so much to drink will do, no longer have to worry about not find the way to go home.I become a trance, the performance is getting worse, the boss day and night lecture, my patience, angrily quit his job.I bought a ticket to go to Shandong, and I want to tell all the facts are bright brother, the girl told him that people still love you.  Meet me at the station to see the bright brother.Plump, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, his face clean, totally not a feeling of decadence before.See this bright brother weak moment, I did not say.In the car I was engaged in a fierce ideological struggle, repeatedly contemplate the next.I would rather say, because Mandy senior sister apprentice is a good girl.  I’m going to tell the truth home is bright brother.  A light into the home I stared brother.Dinner table sat a beautiful young girl, saw us, she stood up and warm greeting.  Bright brother smiled and said: This is Xiaofang, my girlfriend, we are ready to get married this winter.Late I wanted to say to you, Mr. Chang, a surprise of bread.Hey, you’re the first to know, ha ha ha.  I could not say a word.  Night, I refused to retain bright brother.In a shabby hotel for the night, I sat on the train to Shanghai.  Then Mandy senior sister apprentice lower body can not move.I told her bright brother too well.She did not speak, just stop the tears, me too.  2008 winter, bright brother and Xiaofang wedding.  Suit and tie bright brother, his face covered with happiness.Nestled beside the petite Xiaofang.Bright brother of the bride clasped hands, looking soulful beloved girl, said: I thought, kapok mining in wilderness spring, summer flutter fireflies under the stars, picking the fruit garden in autumn, winter in the open ground snowball fight is happiness.Until I met you, I slowly understand.Happiness does not equate to happiness and joy Yang, she is more like a good child, but not smart, not bright, not swagger, and even some stiff.Although sometimes I feel her blunt blunt, silly, but like glycol in a slightly bitter taste, like a nest on a lounge chair in the sunshine, warm, very practical.But these are not important, as long as you are, that is good.Fang Fang, let me take care of you forever, right!  The bride embarrassed bow, the two embraced.  Everyone applauded, several young men happy in the side of whistling.This is all the carnival that day, I lost a friend.  Phone beeps a few times, is a senior sister apprentice Mandy’s mother sent a text message, said: Su Min walk.  Zhang took the side of the hard dance with me while I burst into tears while laughing.  Fu-wise but not like a good child, although sometimes foolishly, silly.But like glycol mixed with bitterness, like a nest in the sun loungers in the sun, warm, very practical.Copyright: 1, I love stories net (5aigushi.COM) has received authorization published author, newspapers and other media without permission prohibited reproduced.2, more manuscripts from authors: A genius little wide (National Development wide) submission, delivered by E-MAIL, you have to pay royalties.