Trade war worries dragged down by these Dow stocks over the past month, the largest decline

Tencent securities FRANCISCO, March 23 morning, according to CNBC reported last month from the time the largest decline in the Dow, investors worried that the US President really Donald Trump (Donald Trump) of protectionist trade policies could spark a trade war between the US and China。
The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 724 points from Thursday's close, because the specter of a trade war。 According to Xinhua News Agency reported that US President Trump 22, signed a presidential memorandum, according to the "301 investigation" As a result, imports from China will be large-scale commodity tariffs and restrictions on Chinese investment in the US corporate mergers and acquisitions。 Trump told the media before signing the White House, involving taxation Chinese goods to equal $ 60 billion。 US stock market in the last month trying to rebound, but this attempt failed already, the Dow on Thursday was a brief slip into the callback area。 In the past month, the larger exports to China Dow's share price drop is the biggest, because China might retaliate Trump tariff。
For example, according to FactSet data suppliers of financial information provided by Boeing (NYSE: BA) in total sales of more than 12% come from China market。 Other larger decreases in the Dow stocks under See Figure: after Trump announced impose tariffs on the above, the Chinese Embassy said in a statement, China does not want to fight a trade war, but not afraid of a trade war, confident, ability to cope with any challenge。 If the United States insists fight, we will fight in the end, and to take all necessary measures to defend their legitimate rights and interests resolutely。