Standing on the bridge, looked over.  Twisted River stretch into the distance!  Nether leading to the horizon, there is a junction of heaven and earth.  Have your shadow!    Your shadow, dissolved in the dim world of.  Dissolved in a dark world where you are if gazing, looking?  You gazing, looking!  I can only see the outline?    Bridge Nihong light flashes, night in this gloomy!  Throwing a ray of thoughts, excites a thousand waves ripple, since at me, you are at the end of!    Yi Yi river, gorgeous colorful.  Still if the bright dazzling Northern Lights!  Distance you see whether?  Changhong see the sky?  It is the incarnation of the bridge!  Colorful light is behind me Nihong!    Rain, such as silk, as far lamp blame!  Thousands of miles, consonance interlinked!