Managed to “enjoy” complete six-chalk, today a dozen early, ready to go to the river to get some fresh air.Early spring morning chill did not break, and relax is out of fashion to wear a lot of clothes – because relax is to lose oneself easily what the point.So I just added a piece on the chest sweater shirt, I would like to point chill spring stained body regardless of the world seems to have had no trouble and depressed, just with her warmth and color come earth.Pre-empted the river willow, happily stretch their graceful curves and wind, but also to show off wildly in person from time to time now spit out a new green.Shore raised place, of course, to get in the spring of grace, she is smiling arches hint of yellow shoots.However, I do not like to describe the book as at the moment – such as drinking a cup of sweet wine, but that has not Tulv sorry for the tree, the more that bare depression grievance.”when.when.when.”Burst of rhythmic sound to drive away my bad mood.I looked down the sound and saw an old man being a flat stone with a chisel.Micro silver hair on his head shaking in the wind, people from the association “spring is not the degree” is the word.He is a mason!Suddenly my heart spontaneously give birth to a trace of compassion, a great feeling of Xing Xing Xing Xing Xi.I do not do that is pedagogue?Tired day and night, in the end what can get it?In the “teacher” was becoming tarnished title add a floating head “old” word Bale.”Dangdang” sound lure me unto the old man walked, then see: the old man of about sixty older, standard Shonan farmer dressed.Wearing a black smudge does not gray gown, the clothing is gray.Black sweat waist tie block Pa, Pa is also inserted on a bowl of the bamboo.Was wet with dew in the long legs to put down, the ankles are covered, and allowed his skin whitening tire sandals.I lament the most is that he kept waving a pair of hands, calloused and rough cloth pattern on it, just like with the skin like carved pine tree.”Old man,” I cried softly.I wonder if he is deaf, stone quarry or the sound is too large, should not.”Old man”, I increased the voice.He finally turned away to.”Smoking it, old man.”What I handed him a cigarette and would like to talk to him point.”You sip you sip.”Old man with a thick dialect with courtesy, wiped his hands on the body immediately, cigarette received in the past.”Old man, is this your?.”” Top chisel stone bridge.Well, the difference between the top of the bridge piece.”Follow the old man’s eyes looked, a new puzzle presented in front of stone arch bridge.Arch are all the same color green stone blocks, a pressure one, but not the slightest cement and lime.Bracket not removed, because the top of the bridge is also less a stone.In the conversation I know, building stone arch bridge, the bridge put the capstone is the last and most difficult of a process.Capstone bridge size should be very precise, the difference can not be a dime.It should just stuck on the last remaining gap in order to ensure that the entire bridge does not collapse, no deformation.Therefore, building chisel stone of this area should be the most authoritative mason.Also, the top of the bridge chisel stone people do not get wages, because the money will be completed this desecration of sacred works.But he could obtain a building’s highest honor: foot bridge.Foot bridge is the bridge folks celebrate the completion of the first bridge firecrackers.The old man also a little proud to tell me, who is a foot bridge blessings for longevity of it!I was in awe, and asked: “Old man, you stepped back a few bridges ah?”The old man held out two fingers.”Two back?”He shook his head..”Twenty-back?”He still shook his head, smiled without a word.Ah, yes two hundred back!I added a little more respect for him.”Come on, epigenetic Tsai, a favor, it carried up!”The old man beckoned.”I can do it?”So long a stone, I not only worry about their own, more worried about this too much for the elderly Nianyuhuajia.”Nothing, only three hundred kilos, you can lift this arm.”The old man’s words make me blush, I quickly past, grabbed the bickering will play.”Slow, epigenetic Tsai, you high, lift behind.”Then, the old man put the iron sub-network in his own little nearer, he turned from.I hurried to move back iron sub-network, followed played a.Oh, good Shen ah, has not had such a heavy lift my face was very red.Hey, old man’s feet how a limping?Ah, that he.Foot was actually disabled people.At this time, my face more red.Top stone bridge just embedded in the void left little trace, no small cent, so it’s a superlative craftsmanship.At this time the wind had stopped, the sun is shyly from the East has come out, the Rays, an ethnic flavor quite thick stone arch bridge, so on across the river.The new green and yellow shore of the river, the bridge’s tone was tender reflection of life and life in the sun feels as general greenstone.It is connected with the bridge shore together harmoniously composed of a change charm round door.That the river flows, it is gently flooded in the past.The old man to leave, he invited me to attend the afternoon some foot bridge ceremony.He said he took my hand to cross the bridge together.I feel like my heart has heat in Bay, has been rushed to the throat tip.Following this, a sense also heavily hit me.At this time, the spring breeze blowing in my chest, and the image of the old bridge and roll but in my mind.Gradually, I feel a lot easier, a little chaotic image of the heart become increasingly clear.Finally, a bridge by myself conceived fixed in my mind where that bridge to the future, leading to hope.